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                                  PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHING - COPYRIGHTS (POLICY)

     A.  Professional Publishing - Copyrights

         1.  The Board recognizes that employees under contract to the OLC may, in carrying out their professional
             responsibilities, develop educational materials for use in the college program.  It is understood by
             the board and employees that such materials developed as a part of regular employment are the
             property of the OLC.  It is also understood that educational materials created during the leisure
             hours when an employee is not fulfilling his/her contractual duties to OLC are the property of the

         2.  The President will consult with the appropriate employee on the continued use of taped materials,
             both within or outside the college, beyond the school year for which is was originally made.

         3.  The President shall ensure that a contractual agreement form and assignment of copyrights interests
             form shall be executed between the employee and the college when requested by the Board.

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