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                                       EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (POLICY)


     Various social, family, and personal problems, including the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, can be an
     obstacle to the development of individual students, staff, and others.  These problems may be major
     contributors to poor work performance, absenteeism, communication problems, physical and mental health
     concerns, and poor self-concept.  These difficulties affect individuals regardless of culture, age,
     socio-economic status, education, or religious affiliation.  These difficulties can be addressed
     successfully.  The troubled employee's behavior affects friends, family, coworkers, and self, and therefore
     supports the provision of a comprehensive approach to intervention.

     To this end, OLC will maintain an Employee Assistance Program to assist individuals who may experience
     difficulties including their own or a family member's alcohol and/or drug abuse.  The goal of this program
     is to prevent dismissal of an employee due to alcohol or drug abuse, or other personal issues.

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