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                                    GOALS FOR CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT (POLICY)

     A.  Academic Program Priority

         Curriculum development is a priority of the academic program.  Each department chairmen is responsible
         for the on-going development of the degrees and/or courses under his/her department.  He/she should have
         on file, and discuss with he instructors, a package for each course which lays out the course objectives
         and provides a model syllabus; teaching materials, including textbooks; and suggested instructional

     B.  Course Objectives

         The instruction of each course shall be based upon a set of course objectives and a content outline that
         are standardized by each academic department, or submitted by individual instructors and approved by the
         department chairmen.

         Approval by department chairmen must meet general academic standards, as integrated with degree
         objectives, and as within the parameters of subject matter normally expected for that course.

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