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                    COLLEGE READINESS ASSESSMENT (POLICY & Procedures)


Oglala Lakota College requires all new students to take the “OLC Placement” assessment 
(Reading Comprehension & Sentence Skills and Mathematics) to determine placement. The 
institution accepts the 10.1 equivalency in reading comprehension.  The OLC Placement range 
for reading 10.1 includes the “Reading Comprehension” cut score of 65.

To be eligible for the Foundational Studies Scholarship, must meet the following cut scores: 
*	65 for Reading Comprehension 
*	80 for Sentence Skills 
*	44 for Elementary Algebra


Entering students whose scores do not meet the listed cut scores for 093 level placement will 
register in the appropriate Foundational Studies-GED courses that will prepare them for college 

Students whose scores require Foundational Studies placement in Reading Comprehension may 
concurrently enroll ONLY in the following college-level courses for two semesters. The 
following list of courses is recommended as these courses fulfill degree requirements and 
supplemental core learning abilities.

*	Lak 103 Lakota Language I
*	Lak 233 Lakota Language II
*	LArt 103 Lakota Traditional Art I
*	LArt 113 Lakota Traditional Art II
*	Art 103 Drawing I
*	Art 133 Introduction to Watercolor
*	Hum 143 Art Appreciation
*	OED 103 Computer Basics (Vocational Education)
*	CS 103 Ethics in the Workplace (Vocational Education)

Students placed in Foundational Studies courses may enroll in no more than 12 total credit hours, 
including the Foundational Studies courses.

All new students who are placed into RW 093 must achieve the required benchmark within two 

Students who do not achieve the benchmark at each level after the second attempt at each course 
level will not be allowed to register the following semester for classes until they meet the 15 
hour tutoring requirement or enrollment into the Summer Academy. Students must log in 15 
hours of tutoring time before they can return to the same course level.  Students are responsible 
for documenting the required 15 hours of tutoring. Students will obtain the Foundational Studies 
tutoring log at each college center.  The completed form can be turned into the Foundational 
Studies Director during registration in order to register for courses each semester.  
These students may be at risk for not being able to continue and will be placed on Remedial 
Warning status and can only test one additional time prior to registering again.  Referral to Voc-
Ed may be needed.  

Transfer Students
Transfer students who do not have approved transfer college credit for Freshman English and 
Elementary Algebra must complete the college readiness assessment.

Readmission Students
If a student has dropped out for more than two semesters and has not taken Engl103 or Math103, 
the student must complete the college readiness assessment.

OLC Placement Assessment Procedure
Students must complete the following:
•	admission application,
•	complete foundational studies review packet,
•	receive their OLC student ID,
•	schedule appointment to meet with proctor for assessment,
•	must utilize their Student ID and one of the following codes to identify their status in the 
online assessment platform: 01-New Student, 02-Transfer (with no transcripts), 03-
GED, 04-Current Enrolled, 05-Readmit Student, 06-Remedial Warning.

Foundational Studies courses do not count toward total credit hour requirements for graduation. 

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