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                                        ASSIGNING COURSE NUMBERS (POLICY)

     The three digits of a course number will have the following meaning:

     A.  The first digit indicates the level of the course.

         0 - development courses
         1 - freshman level courses
         2 - sophomore level courses
         3 - junior level courses
         4 - senior level courses
         5 & 6 - master's level courses
         7 - 9 doctoral level courses

     B.  The second digit indicates the sequencing of courses:

         0 - introductory or basic courses with no prerequisite
         1 - somewhat more advanced courses which may have a prerequisite
         3 - even more advanced courses which may have as many as two prerequisites

         Numbers from 3-9 are used in similar manner to indicate sequencing

     C.  The third digit indicates the credit hours carried by the course.

         1 - one credit hour courses
         2 - two credit hour courses
         3 - three credit hour courses
         4 - four credit hour courses

         The number 0 is used for courses which may carry variable credit such as a
         special topics course.

     D.  Prefixes for course number should clearly indicate the discipline from which the
         course content comes.  Prefixes indicate disciplines, not departments.
         Example:  L is the first letter of all Lakota Studies Department courses.  The letters
         which follow indicate the academic discipline, that is, LSoc indicates a Lakota
         Studies course which is also a sociology course.

     E.  The course title should clearly indicate the course content so that a person reading
         an OLC transcript will be able to evaluate the educational background of the
         graduate or transfer student.  For example:

         Two as the first digit indicates a sophomore level course.  Two as the second digit
         indicates an advance course with probable prerequisites.  Three as the third digit
         indicates a three credit hour course.

     F.  Courses, workshops, seminars, etc., offered for Continuing Education unit credit
         (CEU) will be numbered according to policy stated above.  The type of activity will
         be designated by the title of the course; for example, workshops and seminars will
         contain those words in the title.  The prefix for all such courses will be CEU.
         The third digit of numbers for such activities will signify CEU credits rather than
         credit hours.

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