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                                                                        BOT 06-23-11

                               CERTIFICATE (PROCEDURE)

A.   Initiation

   1.   Any staff or faculty member may initiate the creation of a certificate program.

   2.   The initiator prepares a certificate proposal which:

        a)   identifies the purpose and need for the proposed program.
        b)   indicates conformity to the policy criteria.
        c)   Identifies funding sources for the program.
        d)   Identifies acceptable resources for implementation and continued 
             delivery of the program. (e.g., faculty, materials, etc.)

   3.   The initiator submits his/her proposal to the Instructional Affairs Committee.

   4.   The Instructional Affairs Committee reviews certificate program proposals and 
        makes its recommendation to Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye. The Chairperson is responsible 
        for conveying in writing the committee recommendation to P.W.O.

B.   Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

   1.   Reviews certificate program recommendations of the Instructional Affairs 

   2.	If PWO concurs with the committee’s recommendation, the proposal either dies 
        or is forwarded to the President for implementation.

   3.	If PWO disagrees with the committee recommendation, the objections are 
        indicated and the proposal is returned to the committee and 
              initiator for necessary modification and the process may begin again.

C.   Presidential Implementation

   1.   If the proposal is forwarded to the President, he/she takes the necessary steps 
        to implement the certificate program in accordance with college policies and procedures.
   2.	The President then forwards the new certificate program to the Financial Aid 
        Director who submits approval to the Department of 
        Education for Title IV Aid through the Federal Participation Agreement.

D.   Evaluation

   1.	The initiator or administrator in charge prepares a report on the program for vice 
        president or instructional programs. The Vice President 
        evaluates the program. The evaluation of all certificate programs are presented 
        to the Instructional Affairs Committee by April of each 
        academic year.

   2.	The Instructional Affairs Committee receives the evaluations and recommends 
        continuation, termination or modification to the PWO 
        and Pres.

   3.	The President decides whether to continue each certificate program and reports 
        the rationale of his decision to the committee if his/her decision disagrees with the 
        committee’s recommendation.

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