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                                               CERTIFICATE (POLICY)

     A.  The College offers certificate programs for student that need specific education/training in areas that
         require less than an associate's or bachelor's degree.

     B.  Certificate programs shall meet the following criteria:

         1.  They must meet an identifiable need as determined by the Instructional Affairs Committee.

         2.  They must require a series of courses and/or workshops, which are directly related to the

         3.  Credit courses and their instructors must meet the same criteria as other course and instructor at

         4.  Students enrolled in certificate courses must be acceptable for admission to OLC as regular students.

         5.  The curriculum for certificates programs must include basic language and/or mathematics skills or
             evidence that students have met the minimum requirements.

         6.  Certificate programs must have on file:

             a)  status sheets
             b)  goals and objectives
             c)  description of eligible students

         7.  Certificate programs must be evaluated according to college policy and procedure.

     C.  Examples of possible certificate programs include: Tribal Management, Athletics, Coaching, EMT, Tribal
         development, College teaching for non-degreed experts, etc.

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