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                                                                                                      BOT 05-22-03

                                       LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER (PROCEDURE)

     A.  Woksape Tipi

         1.  The library of Oglala Lakota College provides access to the card catalog though its online reference
             page.  Materials are available in each District Center for student and staff use.  Materials are
             delivered to the centers within one week of the request from any of our centers.  Inter library loan
             is available through Woksape Tipi within 2-4 weeks from libraries within the state.

     B.  Patrons - Oglala Lakota College Library Card holders. (Patrons already agree to these policies when they
         fill out the Oglala Lakota College Library Card application.)

         1.  Books, other than reference books, can be checked out for a two week period with an Oglala Lakota
             College Library Card.  Patrons agree to be responsible for materials borrowed and to pay fines for
             late books.  The patron agrees to pay for the necessary replacement costs plus processing charges of
             $1 per title for lost or stolen materials.  Patrons also agree to give notice of change of address
             and report the loss or theft of their card.  The patron is responsible for contacting the Library
             Director if they cannot pay in full.

     C.  Center Director and Staff Responsibility

         1.  The Center Director and staff are responsible for the maintenance, care and use  of all instructional
             equipment at their centers.

             a.  Material(s) or equipment on loan from Woksape Tipi is the responsibility of the center using the
                 material or equipment, and any repairs or replacements beyond that due to normal use will be
                 assessed to the district center budget.  This includes damage occurring to equipment used by
                 part-time instructors, students, or community to whom the material or equipment was available
                 whether such damage was due to accident or negligence.

             b.  Books - Each center has a basic referenced library including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and
                 almanacs; periodicals, and newspapers, particularly those oriented to American Indian affairs or
                 culture; and books of general interest both fiction and non-fiction for the students and other
                 community members.  The center is responsible for the materials in their Center Library Branch.

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