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          Code of Ethics, Compliance, and Culturally Responsible Care (Policy)

The Oglala Lakota College Archives and Tribal Repository assert that all staff and students 
reflect Wolakolkiciyapi within all activities and work conducted within and for the collections. 
We believe that the collections in whole are of sacred value and that much of the materials are 
considered living beings and must be cared for accordingly. 

The Oglala Lakota College Archives and Tribal Repository will not acquire by direct or indirect 
means, any materials that have been collected illegally.

Culturally Responsible Care
The following guidelines are for the care, treatment, and handling of the culturally specific 
materials and artifacts and the natural history collections managed by the Oglala Lakota College 
Archives and Tribal Repository.
*   Treat all visitors and staff members with respect.
*   Treat and handle the collections with care and respect.
*   Understand the role of caretaking responsibility lies with the Tribal Historic Preservation 
Officer and program staff, the Archivists, Curators, and staff of the Archives and Repository, 
therefore, all will exercise traditional care practices on behalf of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. 
Generally these procedures will be reflective of past and present cultural and elder advisors to 
the collections.
*   Individuals may excuse themselves from certain tasks related to handling or collecting 
materials or specimens by providing a verbal explanation to their immediate supervisor.
*   Individuals may participate in cleansings and prayer as they see fit.
*   Potentially sensitive objects will be handled, packed, moved, and unpacked by designated 
    staff, a cultural liaison, or the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. 
*   No human remains are to be handled or accepted under this policy unless specific to an agreed 
    upon repatriation.

Tribal historic preservation plans such as that of OST Cultural Affairs and Historic Preservation 
(CAHPO) have emphasized the importance of oral history and working with Oglala Lakota 
College as well as consulting tribal elders and spiritual leaders. 

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