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                          Registration and Acquisitions (Policy)

Registration is the process of compiling and maintaining a collective record of all permanent 
and temporary collections in the Archives and Tribal Repositoryís custody. This process includes 
identifying each object and recording its origin, status, and disposition. Registration has four 
major components: acquisition, cataloging/accession, loan, and deaccession. 

The Archivist is responsible for tracking all of these activities for the Oglala Lakota College 
Archives and Tribal Repository and maintaining these permanent records, with assistance from 
the Curator, and collections faculty/staff. 

Additional activities, including cataloging, databasing, conducting inventories, and conducting 
research, also contribute to an objectís cumulative record. Collectors and Collection faculty/staff 
are responsible for managing these activities and maintaining these records, as well as providing 
the Archivist with pertinent records as requested. 

Record keeping is an essential part of an objectís history and are important in understanding the 
object. Records provide the means by which the Archives and Tribal Repository established its 
right to possess an object legally. 

Acquisition is the act of legally obtaining a collection item or group of items. Objects acquired 
by the OLC Archives and Tribal Repository should have been collected or acquired in a legal 
and ethical manner. The OLC Archives and Tribal Repository adhere to all applicable tribal, 
federal, and state law. Staff should exercise due diligence in the acquisition of collections, 
including making reasonable inquiries into the origin of collection items under consideration for 
acquisition. Materials acquired through stakeholders may be exempted. The OLC Archives and 
Tribal Repository generally only accepts unrestricted collections and makes efforts to ensure 
legal title and origin of collection items, including original records. 
The OLC Archives and Tribal Repository may acquire objects for its collections through a 
memorandum of understanding or memorandum of agreement, gift, field collection, exchange 
between institutions, transfer between Museum or College/University departments, assumption 
of ownership of unclaimed or undocumented property (under certain circumstances), or by other 
appropriate means is required for clear legal title. 

Collections that are believed to be acquired through destruction of private and public property, 
destruction of habitats, protected areas or decimation of populations have limited numbers or 
fragile existence, will not be accepted. 

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