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           Collections Responsibility, Chain of Custody, and Appraisal (Policy)

Collections Responsibility
Repository collections are housed and curated at the Oglala Lakota College Archives and Tribal 
Repository under the express terms of a Donor Agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding, 
Memorandum of Agreement, or other binding written agreement with the Oglala Sioux tribal 
program or agency, federal or state agency, or any other governmental entity. The Oglala Lakota 
College Archives and Tribal Repository’s responsibilities are detailed in each agreement. 

Chain of Custody
When cultural and historic artifacts are donated to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, the Tribal Historic 
Preservation Officer (THPO) should be notified immediately. The THPO will transport the 
artifacts to OLC Archives and Tribal Repository for review. Collections that require additional 
resources to house or maintain may be reviewed by the advisory board prior to formal accession.

Appraisal in the terms of these collections refers to the process of determining whether records 
and other materials have permanent archival value. Monetary appraisals may be necessary for 
establishing insurance value, determining loss, establishing value for sale or purchase, or for 
allowing a donor to take a tax deduction for an object donated to a museum. No staff will offer 
monetary appraisals. Donors desiring to take an income tax deduction must have an independent 
appraisal made of the value of their gift.

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