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                            Types of Transfer for Acquisition (Policy)
The Oglala Lakota College Archives and Tribal Repository accept unrestricted donations of 
materials within its sphere of responsibility, including the records of Oglala Lakota College and 
the Oglala Sioux Tribe. The Archives collects historical and cultural materials related to the 
Oglala Lakota people as in personal papers; oral histories; printed materials (maps, pamphlets, 
books); photographs; local records (churches, programs, schools); audio and video recordings; 
and artifacts. The Tribal Repository accepts unrestricted donations of natural history specimens 
(paleontological, geological, biological, archaeological); field survey data; research notes 
specific to Pine Ridge Reservation lands and resources; printed materials (maps, pamphlets, 
books); artifacts related to archaeological work completed on Pine Ridge Reservation and tribal 

A gift is made by a donor who expects no remuneration in return. Gifts can only be made by the 
legal owner of the material. Gifts will be documented in the Donor Agreement Form which must 
be signed and dated by both the donor to indicate intent to donate and by the Curator/Archivist to 
indicate acceptance into the collections. The Donor Agreement Form must describe the objects in 
a recognizable manner that helps differentiate them from similar objects. The Archivist will 
retain the completed Donor Agreement Form. Other forms of documentation recording a gift 
from another institution at the Archivist/Curatorís discretion may be acceptable. Copies and 
records will be kept on file and a Donor Agreement Form copy will be provided to the donor. 

Transfers are one-way transactions of materials made from one non-profit entity (educational 
institution, museum, archives) with no expectation of financial benefit from the transferring 
entity. The OLC Archives and Tribal Repository may accept transfers of materials from other 
non-profit partners as a one-time or as an ongoing open agreement. 

The OLC Archives and Tribal Repository do not purchase materials, artifacts, or specimens. Any 
exceptions to this policy require the written permission of the Oglala Lakota College 

Materials without Documentation
The OLC Archives and Tribal Repository may acquire materials as found during inventory of a 
collection if no evidence exists that the item(s) were acquired by loan, and if the history of 
possession supports the presumption that a valid acquisition or transfer of ownership occurred. 
Staff must make a good-faith effort to determine that the item(s) is not unclaimed material. 

Unsolicited Donations
In general, the OLC Archives and Tribal Repository will not accept unsolicited donations 
through the mail or in person. In the case of materials of extraordinary cultural, historical, 
artistic, or scientific value, the Archivist will review the item and may seek review by the OST 
Cultural Affairs and Historic Preservation Officer (CAHPO) and advisory board before 
approving the item for accession. Rejected materials will be returned to sender if known. 
Otherwise, the rejected objects will be considered abandoned and the OLC Archives and Tribal 
Repository reserves the right to dispose of such property as it sees fit. Donors are asked to 
provide photographs, descriptions and provenance information for the review process.

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