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                                       Retention (Policy)
Institutional records are always subject to their retention periods according to the appropriate 
records retention schedule. Materials that do not meet the scope of collections may be disposed 
of in accordance with this policy. 

Since collection appraisal is a continuous process, acceptance of material does not commit OLC 
Archives and Tribal Repository to retain any material in perpetuity. Notice of intended return, 
deaccession or destruction can be provided if donor requests such in the Donation Agreement.

The Archivist reserves the right to make all appraisal decisions regarding the archival 
collections. Such decisions will be based on his/her knowledge of archival principles in general, 
and or the mission and aims of the OLC Archives in particular. 

The following types of material will not be accepted by the Archives and Tribal Repository:
*   Books, or periodicals, unless they are rare, out of print, unique and/or directly related to OLC, 
    its faculty, staff, students or community members.
*   Most three-dimensional artifacts, unless they have been confirmed by a person of authority to 
    be of historical or cultural significance to the Lakota people, or by the Archivist to be of 
    historical or cultural significance to OLC. 
*   Duplicate (more than 3 copies) published or distributed materials; e.g., catalogs, 
    commencement programs, etc.
*   Employees’ personal belongings and non-records, i.e. items not covered in the employees’ 
    respective records retention schedules. 
*   Photocopies or clippings.

If material would be better placed in another repository because it would complement an existing 
collection elsewhere, the Archivist will refer donations to that repository. 

In very few cases, there will be exceptions to the policies outlined above. In those rare instances, 
the Archivist will exercise professional judgment.

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