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                                                                                        BOT 10-19-16

                       Collections Access, Restrictions, and Handling (Policy)

Collections Access
The Oglala Lakota College Archives and Tribal Repository produces and disseminates research 
through publications, professional and community presentations, collaborations with other 
institutions, and members of the community. Oglala Lakota College encourages an exchange of 
scientific and cultural knowledge between OLC staff, faculty, students and members of the 

Access to collections includes:

*   Responding to electronic, written or verbal inquiries or general questions. 
*   Loans to institutions for research, examination, destructive sampling, education, or exhibit 
*   Allowing physical access to collection areas and objects.

The OLC Archives and Tribal Repository will provide reasonable access to its collections and 
collections information consistent with its responsibilities. Physical and intellectual access must 
be balanced with preservation and protection concerns.

Student access is granted for specific research, thesis, and dissertations, under the direction of a 
faculty supervisor who is responsible for the appropriate use of the material. Researchers or 
persons who wish to access the collections for research purposes must receive prior approval; 
associate researchers are an exception only for associated collections.

Access to the collections may be denied to individuals who have failed to handle material in 
accordance to OLC Archives and Tribal Repository guidelines.

Access to collections and information may be restricted due to resource limitations, repository 
status, security, object availability, cultural sensitivity, intellectual property and traditional 
knowledge, chain of custody issues, loan or donor agreements, and preservation constraints. Staff 
is responsible for establishing standards for restricted access.

Access Restrictions
Due to the fragile nature of most objects and their unique research value, general browsing of the 
collections is restricted. Access to objects in a very fragile condition will be granted at staff 
discretion. Unaccessioned collections will generally not be made available to researchers.
The origin of acquired collections is a matter of public record. Access to certain sensitive 
information such as issues of cultural sensitivity, privacy, donor and collector information, 
custody and physical location, collecting localities, intellectual property restrictions, security, 
and requirements for restricted use as defined by donor or stakeholder are examples of access 
In keeping with its responsibilities the OLC Archives and Tribal Repository will make every 
effort to control, monitor, and document access to and use of the collections through appropriate 
forms and log sheets.

Object Handling
Any and all staff and students receive appropriate training in proper handling procedures for the 
collections. All handling and moving of materials is under the supervision of the staff for that 

Proposed Research
The Oglala Lakota College recognizes the need for research to manage, develop, and to protect 
the Oglala Sioux people's historical, cultural and natural resources in a legal and ethical manner. 
There is a historical, cultural and spiritual relationship between the Oglala Sioux people and the 
natural environment. Therefore, it is necessary to collect and analyze information and data while 
practicing methods to prevent damage or harm to the environment.
In order to designate the Oglala Lakota College Archives and Tribal Repository as the intended 
repository for proposed research auspice of Oglala Lakota College, the Researcher Registration 
Form and/or memorandum of understanding (MOU) or memorandum of agreement (MOA) 
should be competed and submitted for review. All projects using services from the Archives and 
Tribal Repository must follow all requirements and conditions in effect at the time the agreement 
is made. 

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