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                         Transfer of Credit (Procedure)

1.  The student arranges for an official transcript to be sent to the Registrar 
    of Oglala Lakota College. 
2.  The transcripts are evaluated every Monday at the Department Chair meetings. 
3.  The Department Chairs evaluates the transcript based upon the requirements 
    of the studentsí chosen degree program. Professional courses will be evaluated 
    by the appropriate chairperson. If there are problematical courses, the 
    Department Chair will consult with the appropriate Instructor. 
4.  The Department chairperson will forward the transfer evaluation form and the 
    transcript to the Registrar for filing and recording on an Oglala Lakota College 
    transcript. A copy will be forwarded to the appropriate district for inclusion 
    in the student file. 

	General Guidelines 

1.  Courses which may be acceptable only as free or distribution electives but do 
    not coincide with Oglala Lakota College courses will be transferred up to the 
    number of credits of free electives permitted in a degree program.
2.  Students may transfer up to 45 credits to Oglala Lakota College for an Associate 
    of Arts and 90 credits toward a Bachelorís Degree. (Present policy requires an 
    A.A. or a B.A. student to take 24 credits at Oglala Lakota College.)
3.  It will take approximately three weeks for the transcripts to be evaluated.   

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