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                                        CREDIT BY EXAMINATION (PROCEDURE)

     A.  Departmental Examinations:  Individual Test

         1.  Any OLC student in good standing who wishes to attempt credit by examination for any particular
             subject(s) should contact the appropriate chairperson(s) for preparatory information.  Counselors
             and/or instructors assist/advise students.

         2.  The student obtains a credit by examination form from the Registrar or his counselor.

         3.  The student submits the form with the fee.  (The fee is $25 per examination).  Students are
             responsible for additional testing costs.

         4.  The Registrar forwards the form(s) to the appropriate chairperson who assigns a full-time faculty
             member to administer the test.  (Tests may be departmentally administered).

         5.  The faculty member contacts the student, provides advice, and schedules the test and informs the
             student if there are additional costs.

         6.  The faculty member grades the test and submits the results to the Registrar.
             (Departments may choose to grade the test as a group).

         7.  The Registrar reports the results to the student and the appropriate counselor.  If Pass is
             appropriate, the credits are entered on the students transcript.

         8.  Proceeds of the testing program will be allocated to a student expense scholarship.

     B.  Departmental Examinations:  Group Tests

         1.  Courses like Lak 104 are often tested for comprehension in groups.  This is acceptable.

         2.  Courses which can be group tested are published by the Vice President for Instruction.

         3.  During registration, each center will determine how many students wish to take group examinations.
             Students will complete the Credit by Examination form.  (Exhibit Attached)

         4.  The District Director will confer with the appropriate chairperson and schedule the test.  The
             Director will inform students of the date and time of the tests.

         5.  Students will be billed for the test by the Business Office as part of the student's semester
             billing.  The fee is $15.

         6.  The results of the test will be forwarded to the Registrar.  The Registrar informs and records as
             in A, 7 above.

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