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                                          CREDIT BY EXAMINATION (POLICY)

     1.  Students may receive college credits for courses numbered 100 or above.  These examinations may be:

         a.  Departmentally developed and administered
         b.  College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
         c.  Other nationally recognized examinations designed to demonstrate competence in specific courses.

     2.  Credits received by examination will be recorded as Pass and will not be computed in the student's grade
         point average.  Credits awarded will be part of the student's total credit at the college and will count
         toward graduation as applicable.  (Pass will require at least a demonstrated competence at a "C" level).

     3.  A fee will be charged for all OLC - developed tests regardless of the results.

     4.  Each department will designate those courses, which may be attempted by examination by individual and by
         group examination.

     5.  The Vice President for Instruction Programs coordinates departmental reviews of CLEP and other
         standardized examinations to determine appropriate scores for passing OLC equivalencies.

     6.  The Vice President for Instructional Programs provides information to the counselors and the Registrar,
         which summarizes number 4 and 5 above.

     NOTICE:  This policy does not replace current policy for students exempting themselves form basic
              developmental courses numbered below the 100 level.

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