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                          LENGTH OF SEMESTERS (PROCEDURE)

Oglala Lakota College recognizes class sessions may need to be cancelled due to school 
holidays, weather, road conditions, or the instructor being unavailable.  Such cancellations 
should be avoided if possible.  The instructor and center staff shall consider students who need to 
travel to attend the course when deciding if class should be cancelled.  The instructor will be 
responsible for informing center staff, students, and the appropriate department chair via email as 
early as possible.  Center staff shall post course cancellations in the entrance hall as well as on 
the centerís social media page (if applicable).  The instructor will list the session as cancelled in 
the courseís attendance section on Jenzabar.

All cancelled sessions shall be made up to ensure the required fifteen (15) contact hours per 
credit hour is met.  This includes sessions cancelled due to school holidays, weather and road 
conditions, or the instructor being unavailable. Sessions shall be made up using the following 

   *	The instructor shall schedule the make-up class in consultation with students and staff at 
        the center where the course is facilitated as well as other home centers of students 
        enrolled in the course.

   *	The College shall designate four college-wide make-up days on weekends.  Two of the 
        make-up days shall take place before the end of week 9 and two additional days will be 
        scheduled for weeks 10-15.  The Vice President for Instruction shall determine the dates 
        of the college-wide make-up days at the beginning of each semester.

   *	Appropriate time needs to be allotted for faculty to contact students and to allow students 
        to make arrangements to attend the make-up class.

   *	As soon as a make-up session is scheduled, instructors will inform 
           o	a) students, 
           o	b) staff of the center where the course is located,
           o	c) staff of studentsí home centers; and 
           o	d) the appropriate department chair.

   *	Instructors will submit a revised course schedule to students, department chair and center 
        director.  In addition, instructors will add the make-up session in the attendance section 
        on Jenzabar.

   *	Students who are unable to attend a make-up session shall contact the instructor prior to 
        the make-up class to schedule an individual make-up assignment.

   *	The make-up session shall consist of 50 minutes of class time per credit hour (i.e., 2.5 
        hours for a three-credit hour course) and may be split into multiple segments taking place 
        on different days.

   *	In some courses, alternative make-up strategies may be acceptable.  Alternative strategies 
        may only be used with approval of the department chair. 

   *	Make-up activities must be aligned with lesson and course learning outcomes.

   *	Cancelled classes occurring through week six shall be made up by the end of week nine. 

   *	Students utilizing OLC transportation services shall be provided transportation to attend 
        make-up classes, if feasible.  

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