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                                       SCHEDULING TIME LINES AND PROCEDURES

     Activity                          Person Responsible        Due Dates                 Calendar Date

     Course Surveys and                Counselor/Advisor         Dept. Pre-Advising and    At time of
     Applications Completed.                                     Registration week.        registration. 

     Submit proposed schedule          Center Directors.         Wednesday afternoon of    To VP for Instruction
     with probable enrollment.                                   6th week of classes.      and Dept. Chairs.

     Schedule made available           VP for Instruction        Friday morning of
     to Dept. Chairs.                  office.                   6th week of classes.

     Department Chairs assign          Department Chairs.        Friday noon of
     full-time faculty.                                          7th wee of classes.

     Department Chairs and             Department Chairs/        Tuesday morning of
     District Directors meet           District Directors.       8th week of classes.
     to review schedule.

     The schedule is returned          VP for Instruction        Monday morning of
     to District Directors with        office.                   9th week of classes.
     full-time faculty assigned.

     The course schedule, with         District Directors.       Wednesday morning of
     changes and full-time and                                   10th week of classes.
     adjunct faculty assigned,
     turned into VP of Instruction.

     Final schedule done and sent      VP for Instruction        Friday afternoon of
     out to districts and staff.       office.                   10th week of classes.

     Departmental pre-advising.        District staff and        11th week of classes.

                                      COURSE SCHEDULING PROCEDURE/GUIDELINES

     Activity                                                    Person Responsible        Due Date
     Planning meeting for all directors, counselors and          VP for Instruction/       First week faculty
     academic advisors to review procedures, responsibility,     VP for Student Services.  returns.
     deadlines and changes in status sheets/major requirements.

     Course surveys and potential Graduate applicants completed  Counselor/Advisors.       Week of registration.
     at time of registration.

     Written notification to registrar about curse closing and   VP for Instruction.       1st week after
     opening for present semester and changes in credit hours                              registration.
     or lab fees.

     Tentative schedule circulated to students for response.     Center Directors          2nd & 3rd week of

     Review responses to tentative schedule.                     Directors/Counselors/     4th week of class.

     Submit proposed schedule to Local Boards for their          Center Directors.         5th-8th week of class.
     approval and recommendations.

     Submit preferred schedule with probable student             Center Directors.         8th week of class.
     enrollments to VP for Instruction.

     Submit requests to Instructional departments.               VP for Instruction.       9th week of class.

     Complete schedule and meet with Chairpersons and Center     VP for Instruction.       10th week/Friday.
     Directors to assign full-time faculty, indicate  lab fees,
     order textbooks for part-timers and Chairpersons.

     Textbook orders.                                            Full-time faculty/Chairs. 10th week of class.

     Semi-final schedule typed and distributed to                VP for Instruction.       11th week of class.
     Center Directors.

     Meeting with Center Directors and Department Chairs to      VP for Instruction,       12th week of class.
     respond to semi-final schedule.  Last chance to make        Directors and
     schedule modifications.                                     Chairpersons.

     Distribution of revised schedule to districts and staff.    VP for Instruction.       13th week of class.

     Selection and approval of part-time faculty.                Directors/Chairpersons.   10th-12th weeks of

     Review and print of final schedule.  Distribute before      VP for Student Affairs,   14th week of class.
     semester ends.                                              Institutional Dev. Chair.

     Publicity for courses.                                      Center Directors/         On-going.
                                                                 Institutional Dev.

     Cancellation of courses without approved instructor.        VP for Instruction/       Week before
                                                                 Directors.                registration.

     Cancellation of courses without sufficient enrollment.      VP for Instruction,       Week after
                                                                 Chairpersons and          registration.


     1.  Final responsibility for scheduling of classes shall rest with the VP for Instruction who must consult
         and receive consensus with Directors and Chair-persons to assure compliance with all policies and

     2.  It is the responsibility of each District Director to make sure proposed schedules are approved by the
         Local Boards and are forwarded to the V.P.

     3.  It is the responsibility of the Counselor in each District and academic advisors assigned to the District
         to make sure that course requests are compatible with student needs and course prerequisite.

     4.  Student surveys are the responsibility of the Counselor and academic advisor.  Unanticipated
         community/student needs for courses not planned through utilized student records are the responsibility
         of center Directors.

     5.  It is the responsibility of the VP for Instruction, District Directors, and Department Chairs to
         distribute full time faculty assignments in such a way as to assure that no district has a
         disproportionate number of part-time faculty to recruit.

     6.  Academic Advisors are assigned to Districts according to procedures developed by the instructional
         division as part of each faculty members work plan. (See 60-004)

     7.  District Directors are responsible for academic advisors in terms of reporting to the VP for Instruction
         on their effectiveness and attention to duty.

     8.  District Directors are responsible for submitting proposed schedule to local college boards for

     9.  The VP for Community Services and Student Development shall supervise compliance of time with the
         centers.  Any problems should be noted early on and strategies for resolution developed
         (e.g., sick or missing personnel).

     10. Student travel to other districts may be required for some courses in order to expedite graduation.
         Every effort will be made to deliver courses at each district for the students of that district.

     11. Adjunct Faculty are hired by the District Director from those approved through the respective
         chairpersons according to established policy. (See 71-008)

     12. Textbooks ordering is the responsibility of full time faculty through the respective chairperson.
         Textbook ordering for part-timers is the responsibility of chairpersons.

     13. Students who will graduate at the end of the academic year should receive priority on course requests.
         If the student has made reasonable effort to complete requirements that the District Director should
         notify the VP and the course will be requesting classes.

     14. Restricted or special programs for nursing, agriculture, and special projects are not the scheduling
         responsibility of the district staff although courses in these areas may be offered in District Centers.
         The center director will need sufficient notice of these classes in order to schedule a classroom.

     15. Enrollment limitations are place on all courses, 30 for all courses, except 010 courses which will not
         be more than 25.  Other courses may be limited because of special nature (i.e., labs).

     16. Classes which constitute the college core requirements will be offered on an established, rotating
         schedule in all but the smallest districts.  In these districts, they will be offered based upon
         student request.  The rotating schedule of core classes will be posted in each center so students
         will be able to plan their course accordingly.

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