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                                                                      12-02, 10-23-03, 12-22-12

                                    CLASS SIZE (POLICY)

The Oglala Lakota College reserves the right to cancel any class, which does not have an 
enrollment of six (6) for 100 and 200 level courses and four (4) for 300 and 400 level and higher 
courses. Courses that do not meet the minimum class size may be offered through distance 
education.  Upon receiving a written request from the Vice-President of Instruction, the 
President can waive the minimum class size for a particular course.  The college will make 
every effort to offer courses requested and in a sequence which permits most students to obtain 
a degree in a two year cycle. To avoid class cancellations, each student should meet regularly 
with the district counselor in order to plan schedules for each semester.

Maximum Class Size:
Class size at Oglala Lakota College is limited to no more than 30 students. Special limits will be 
no more than 20 students for courses requiring a Computer lab and all Distance Learning 

See also: course cancellations Policy # 72-450.


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