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                                           SPECIAL PROJECTS (PROCEDURE)


     I.    Contacts

           A.  If a staff member is contacted, that person then contacts projects person, VP for Instruction, who
               then sets up the course.

           B.  Representative from group, institution or organization contacts a staff member of OLC or special
               projects person within two (2) weeks before the class.

     II.   Course/Credits

           A.  Identify course needed and number of credits.

               1.  If course is in catalog, add the letter "V" to identify as a special projects course.

               2.  If course is not in catalog, then a course number with the letter "V" and title is determined.

               3.  If a new course number is determined, the last digit reflects the number of credits.

               4.  Instructor must provide activity for grading purposes and grades must be in office ten days
                   after class is completed.

     III.  Instructor

           A.  First preference is an OLC instructor.

           B.  If not an OLC instructor, need to get credentials/resume and approval by Vice President for

     IV.   Location

           A.  Identify location of course and the classroom area.

     V.    Dates/Time

           A.  Identify dates and times for the course.

           B.  15 contact hours with 30 hours of homework. (For one Credit)

     VI.   Waiver

           A.  Waive student activity fee because it is a special short course.

     VII.  Costs

           A.  Tuition, Registration, and lab fees as per current college catalog.

           B.  Charge for material, if necessary.

           C.  Billing will be done by the Business Office.

           D.  Financial Aid can only be used for Special Projects when registered for at the time of regular
               semester registration.

           E.  Exception:  If the institution/organization pays for the instructor, the cost will be determined
               by the administration.

     VIII. Registration

           A.  The college staff will do the registration, if possible.

           B.  All the necessary information for the registrar's office will be collected: high school diploma,
               GED certificate, and DIB.

           C.  All registration cards must be turned in to the Registrar's Office no later than the first day of
               the class.

     IV.   Class Size

           As per current policy.

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