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                                        GRADING/CHANGE OF GRADES (POLICY)

     1.  The instructor of each course shall be satisfied that the student has achieved competency in expected
         course objectives if credit is to be granted.  Grades and assessment of students for credit work shall be
         the prerogative of the approved and assigned instructor within the grading policy of OLC.

         A.  The assigned instructor shall normally be the sole judge of the quality of student work and grades.

         B.  If an instructor becomes unavailable before completion of the course or of giving grades, another
             instructor may either complete the course or grade by special examination.

     2.  Change of Grade

         A.  Changes of grades occur only upon written notification to the Registrar by the assigned instructor.
             A grade becomes permanent and cannot be changed after two semesters have passed from the end of the
             semester in which the grade was assigned.

         B.  Grades given by an assigned instructor may be changed only by written notice to the Registrar by the
             same instructor.

         C.  If the instructor is no longer available, the student must consult with the appropriate department

     3.  Grade Grievances

         Students with a grievance over a grade that has been assigned them by a faculty member, may avail
         themselves of the following process to ensure that a careful review of the grade and the basis for it
         in the instructor's syllabus has been provided.  However, in the end, it must be clear that only the
         faculty member can change the grade given.  Students need to understand that grades have to represent a
         professional judgment on the level of academic performance and that hardship factors should not lead to
         a lowering of standards for student performance.

         A.  The first step is for the student to request a meeting with the faculty member to present their case
             for a different grade than that assigned.  If the faculty member finds they had overlooked some
             work, not added correctly, been unfair, etc. he/she can submit a Change of Grade.  If not, and the
             student is not satisfied, the student may proceed to step two.

         B.  If not satisfied with or unable to arrange step one, the student asks the Center Director to arrange
             a meeting with the faculty member, the Department Chair, and the Vice President for Instruction
             (within 12 weeks).

             I.   The student and the faculty member are then to give each of these people a copy of
                  documentation of their case and the reasons for their actions.  The syllabus should be a key
                  reference in each case.

             II.  If the Chair and the Vice President agree with the grade assigned by the faculty member, the
                  grade stands and no further action is warranted.

             III. If the Chair and/or Vice President come to a conclusion with the instructor that a change of
                  grade is called for, the instructor will submit a Change of Grade.

             IV.  If the Chair and/or Vice President feel a change is warranted and the faculty member cannot
                  bring himself/herself to the same conclusion, no Change of Grade will be submitted and the
                  faculty member's rights will stand inviolate.  No further review is provided or allowed.

     (Cross Ref.: 86-200 Student Grievance)

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