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BOT 12-22-07

Full Time Faculty Evaluation Policy and Procedure 

Full time faculty will be evaluated yearly, and will be eligible to apply for 3 or 5 year 
contracts under the provisions of this policy. 

Faculty evaluation, long term contracts and titling are intended to achieve the following 

*	Ensure the ongoing development of instruction and faculty,
*	Offer recognition to faculty for quality instruction and the advancement and 
        attainment of personal and professional goals,
*	Advance the mission and goals of Oglala Lakota College in serving the needs of 
        the Lakota community,
*	Strengthen Lakota cultural learning and instruction.
*	Meet NCA requirements for accreditation

Definition of Full Time Faculty

Full time faculty members are employees of the College whose primary responsibility is 
teaching. Full time faculty also includes academic department chairs and academic 
program directors who teach courses. Staff members who teach on an adjunct basis are 
not full time faculty as defined in this policy. 

Annual Evaluation

All faculty members will be evaluated annually before contract renewal offers as outlined 
in the procedures detailed below. Recommendation for contract renewal for one year 
contracts will be made by the appropriate academic department chair and approved by the 
Vice President for Instruction and the President. 

Eligibility for Multi-year Contracts

A full time faculty member must have at least 3 years of service at Oglala Lakota College 
or six years at an accredited degree-granting institution of higher education to be eligible 
to apply for a 3 year contract. A full time faculty member must have at least 6 years of 
service, and have completed a 3 year contract, to be eligible for a 5 year contract. 

Evaluation Procedure

Faculty Development Plan and the Annual Review

Prior to signing contracts, faculty members will review their professional goals for the 
upcoming school year and write a one-page Faculty Development Plan listing 2-5 personal 
and professional goals, and steps that will be taken to achieve those goals, and to meet 
summary evaluation criteria to demonstrate achievement of the plan.   

The Faculty Development Plan and goals included in the Development Plans are 
determined by faculty members based on their needs and goals relevant to their work and 
responsibilities at Oglala Lakota College.  Plans must include reference to the following 
criteria (examples of supporting evidence are listed for each criteria):
Lakota language and cultural knowledge
	Completion of Lakota Language and Culture courses
	Independent study or research of Lakota language, history, or culture
	Oral proficiency interview 
	Evidence of Lakota perspectives in teaching	
Articulated teaching philosophy
Scholarship related to course content
Lecture notes/lesson plans
Student course evaluations
Observation reports
Letters of support from students, center staff, and community members
	New learning in content area
	Enrollment in courses
	Publication of scholarly work
	Presentation of scholarly work
            Literature review of instructorís area of study and instruction
Service to the college
	Committee work
	Participation in departmental planning, review
	Participation in college wide planning, review
      Availability for students, administration
	Serve as advisor to student groups, extracurricular activities
	Successful grantsmanship
Service to the community
        Service learning projects
        Consulting for tribal government, organizations, and other community programs
	Giving time to community activities
	Serving on committees outside of the college
	Serve as reviewer for grants, scholarly writing outside of the college
	Community workshops
            Organizing service learning opportunities 
            Supporting community cultural and spiritual activities

Plans may focus on one or several of these content categories, but yearly formative 
evaluation will address all five. 

Normal administrative duties and responsibilities such as committee membership, 
following institutional policy, participation in departmental processes and meetings etc. 
are not a part of the Faculty Development Plan but are expected of all faculty members 
and are part of the review criteria. 

The evaluation process below applies to all faculty.  

Formative Evaluation of Faculty Development Plans

Development Plans for the upcoming year will be presented to the department chair prior 
to contracts being issued.  The faculty member will review his or her plan with the chair in 
a collaborative way.  Department chairs and the Vice President for Instruction will review 
and approve individual plans.

The following year the faculty member will again meet with his or her department head to 
review the Development Plan and the evaluation criteria.  Upon approval by the 
department head and Vice President for Instruction, a new Developmental Plan for the 
next year will be created.  The previous Developmental Plan goes into the faculty 
memberís portfolio.

Summative Faculty Review

After completion of a 3 year contract, faculty members will be eligible to apply for a 5 
year contract. 

Faculty members who wish to be considered for a 3 or 5 year contract must apply in 
writing and submit a portfolio of evidence by December 1 that addresses the criteria of 
Lakota language and cultural knowledge, Teaching, Scholarship, Service to the college, 
and Service to the community. The type and format of evidence to support achievement 
in these areas may vary, but must be substantive and relevant as determined by the 
Faculty Peer Review Committee. Other factors, such as fulfillment of administrative 
duties, may be considered in the review. 

The portfolio is reviewed by the Faculty Peer Review Committee, Vice President, and the 
President with final extended contracts contingent on final board approval. The review 
process will be completed and a decision rendered by March 1. 

Faculty Peer Review Committee

A standing committee will consist of five members; two elected by faculty and two 
members appointed by the Vice President for Instruction and the President, with the final 
member chosen by the elected and appointed members.  Staggered 3 year terms are to be 
determined by the first committee. The majority of the five member committee will be 

The Faculty Peer Review Committee, in collaboration with the Vice President for 
Instruction, will develop guidelines, criteria and procedures for review of portfolios and 
summative performance. These guidelines, criteria and procedures for review will be 
made available to the faculty. 

Summative Review for Faculty Who Do Not Apply for Multi-year Contracts

All faculty members who do not apply for multi-year contracts and title within 5 years of 
enactment of this policy or date of hire will be reviewed in the 5th year as described under 
summative review procedures described herein.

Other Contingencies

1.  Faculty with at least three years of service at Oglala Lakota College, or six years at an 
    accredited degree-granting institution of higher education, may choose to pursue the 
    three-year contract through the process described here upon enactment of the policy. 

2.  In the event that the faculty member does not gain approval at the 
    administrative/peer/presidential or board levels, areas needing additional development 
    will be specifically outlined with an opportunity to improve performance within the next 

3.  Faculty members who fail to meet performance standards by the end of the 
    improvement period will not be given new contracts.  

4.  In the event of a disagreement with the final recommendation, faculty members or 
    administration can appeal through the College Grievance Procedure. (Policy 65-500-1)

Faculty who qualify under the provisions of this policy may use the following titles   
*	Instructor: (adjunct faculty on a semester-to-semester contract)
*	Assistant Professor:  Faculty member with a full-time contract
*	Associate Professor:  Faculty member with three-year contract
*	Professor:  Faculty member with a five-year contract 

NOTE:  Equivalent Lakota terms will be chosen by our Lakota culture faculty and 
included with titles above.  


Faculty awarded multi-year contracts will receive an increase in compensation. Faculty 
awarded 3 year contracts will receive a one time increase in annual salary of $1,000. 
Faculty awarded a 5 year contract will receive a one time increase in annual salary of 
$2,000.  This will be in addition to educational increments and cost of living increases..

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