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                                                                                  BOT 05-26-16

                               EARLY ALERT (POLICY)

The purpose of Early Alerts (EAs) is to identify, assist and monitor students who are at risk. 
Early Alerts are geared toward increasing retention, persistence and completion rates. The 
decentralized structure of Oglala Lakota College (OLC) is designed to be student centered.  OLC 
staff and faculty work collaboratively to ensure student success by addressing the personal 
factors identified in the Enrollment Management Plan. Also, it ensures all academic and 
nonacademic units meet their annual goal of increasing student retention, persistence and 

OLC acknowledges each student faces different circumstances and work to identify common 
concern types available in the EA system. Faculty and staff must use their professional 
judgement in classifying the student circumstance in the concern type. OLC understands strong 
communication is needed between faculty and staff in order for EAs to be effective to identify 
and assist at risk students. 

Students are encouraged to participate in the support systems OLC provides. Through OLC 
support systems, students will become personally responsible and gain ownership of their 
education and career path.

Enrollment Management Department 3.3.16
*Instructor includes faculty adjunct instructors

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