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                               ADMISSION   (POLICY)
Oglala Lakota College pursues an open door policy in which all qualified students will be 
admitted without regard to race, religion, origin or political belief.  Enrollment in the 
college does not guarantee admission to any specific program, nor to any and all 
courses of study. To qualify for full access to college level courses, students must 
demonstrate minimum 10.1 grade level of reading comprehension as indicated by 
college readiness assessment (see policy 70-300). 
        General Admission
        All applicants seeking admission to Oglala Lakota College must send each of the 
        items listed below BEFORE , being admitted:

             1.	Complete Admission Application and declare a major. Students may only 
                declare one major at a time while attending OLC.
             2.	Furnish a signed official copy of your high school transcript, or official 
                General Education Development (GED) transcripts MANDATORY.  
             3.	High School students who completed in December will submit a letter 
                from the High School Counselor or Principal stating they have completed 
                all requirements for graduation. 
             4.	A student with a Bachelorís Degree or higher will be required to submit 
                documentation verifying the degree awarded.
             5.	Transfer students must send official college transcripts from all 
                college/universities previously attended.
             6.	Verification of Tribal Enrollment if the student is a tribal member of a 
                Federally Recognized Tribe.
             7.	Complete College Readiness Assessment (see policy 70-300). 

         Any student falsifying information is subject to being dropped from all classes.

	 Oglala Lakota College does not admit under the Ability to Benefit criteria.

                                  ADMISSION (PROCEDURE)
   A.	Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students are students who are taking classes for professional  
development, certification renewal, or personal fulfillment and do not qualify for 
financial aid.

   *	A non-degree seeking student with a baccalaureate degree must provide a 
        copy of their unofficial college transcripts indicating the degree and year 
   *	A non-degree seeking student with no baccalaureate degree must meet all 
        admission requirements including any pre-requisites in order to receive credit.
   *	Tribal members wishing to visit the class may do so with instructor and center 
        director approval (see policy 81-950). This is for non-credit. 
   B.	New Entering Freshman Students

New entering freshman students are students who have never attended a college or 
university must:

   *	attend mandatory institutional student orientation,
   *	review the student handbook,
   *	meet with the academic department advisor,
   *	complete the course readiness assessment (see policy 70-300),
   *	review the department handbook.

   C.	Transfer Students

Transfer students are students who have attended another college/university and 
with to transfer courses to OLC, students must provide:

   *	OFFICIAL copy of all college transcripts to the Registrarís office.
   *	adhere to the general admission criteria
   *	transfer students who do not have approved transfer college credit for 
        Freshman English and College Algebra must complete the college readiness 
        assessment (see policy 70-300)

   D.	Degree Specific Admissions

Students who are completing the general education requirements of the declared 
major must apply for admission into the professional degree area as specified in 
the Department Specific handbook; students must meet all degree entrance 
requirements and complete the following:

   *	Attend departmental specific orientation,
   *	Meet general admission criteria.

   E.	Early Entry

   *	Junior or senior high school students with a GPA of 2.00 or higher may enroll 
        in college level courses (see Policy 80-200-1).
   *	Early Entry students must complete the college readiness assessment and 
        meet the 10.1 reading level.

   F.	Readmission 
   *	Former students of Oglala Lakota College not enrolled for two semesters or 
        longer, must apply for readmission to the Registrar.  
   *	Official transcripts of additional work completed at any other college, must be 
   *	If a student has dropped out for more than two semesters and has not 
        successfully completed Engl 103 or Math103 he/she must complete the 
        college readiness assessment.
   G.	  Admission of Veterans
   *	Veterans wishing to attend the college may use their veterans educational 
        benefits. Applications may be found on the GI Bill website, 
   *	Continuing students should notify the Registrar to fill out an enrollment 
        certification for the semester (s) he/she will be attending OLC.
   *	The spouse or child of a former or current service member may also qualify 
        for VA educational benefits. 
   *	The veteran will need to stop in at the Registrar's Office and sign the 
        enrollment certification a month before classes begin to receive certification 
        and authorization prior to registration in order to receive monthly 
        subsistence without delay.  
   H.	General Education Development Classes
   *	Students who have not completed high school and who do not have a 
        G.E.D. may enroll for free G.E.D. classes at any of the college centers 
        throughout the reservation.  
   *	For further information, contact the college center director or tutor in
        your local district.      

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