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                                                                            04-30-13, 06-26-14

                           ADMISSION TO NURSING PROGRAM (POLICY)


Students may enroll in nursing courses only after being formally admitted to the 
program.  Students must apply to the program by the end of January prior to beginning 
nursing classes in the coming fall. To be eligible for admission the student must have 
completed the following courses, or their equivalent, with a C or better. Bio 224 and Bio 
234 or their equivalency if being transferred in, must be within the past four years. The 
student must also have an overall OLC GPA of 2.5 or higher.


   English 103 Freshman English I 
   Psy 103 General Psychology
   Math 134 Intermediate Algebra
   Chem 111 Chemistry for Health Sciences Lab
   CHEM 114 Chemistry for Health Sciences
   BIO 224 Human Anatomy

Lakota Requirements:

Lak 103 Lakota Language I OR

LSOC 103 Lakota Culture

Lakota courses must be completed before graduation. It is advisable that the Lakota 
courses be completed before admission into the nursing program.

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