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                                                               BOT 07-10-11, 08-22-18 


A. Eligibility 
        A junior or senior high school student wishing to enroll at Oglala Lakota College 
        must submit a statement from their high school Principal or Counselor that the 
               1.   has a G.P.A. of 2.0 or above (a copy of the high school transcript will 
                    need to be attached for documented proof).
               2.   is prepared for College level work
        The statement should also mention that the high school is aware of and approves 
        of the student enrolling in College courses.
B. Courses
           1.   High school students will be allowed to choose from regular courses 
                scheduled during that semester.
           2.   Students will be required to take placement tests in reading and math. 
                They must place into college level courses. If a student places into the 
                development courses, they are not prepared for College level work.
           3.   A college counselor, in consultation with high school personnel.
           4.   Course selection should relate to a student's high school preparation, 
                interests and career goals.
C. Registration
           1.   The student will be allowed to register for no more than 15 credit 
                hours per year.
           2.   Registration will be on special basis and no credit will be granted until 
                proof of high school graduation is presented.

D. Financial Aid
           1.   High school students cannot receive regular financial aid but the 
                College will waive tuition, registration fees, lab fees and activity fees 
                for students who would otherwise be eligible for financial aid.
           2.   Book costs cannot be waived so that arrangements for payment must 
                be made by the student before receiving books.
           3.   Students determined not to meet financial aid eligibility  criteria will be 
                liable for all costs.
           4.   Students must have eligibility determined before credit is given.  This 
                would involve submission of financial aid packets at the appropriate 
           5.   All credit hours attempted as an early entry student will count toward 
                their future financial aid satisfactory academic progress. 

E. Records
           1.   Records will be maintained in the Registrar's Office and at the 
                appropriate Center in a special file under "High School Enrollees" and 
                the Registration Card will be clearly marked as such.
           2.   The separate records will insure that high school students are not 
                confused with regular students and that all commitments are met by 
                both the student and the College.

F. Support
           1.   Counselors should take special notice of these high school enrollees 
                and maintain contact with them and the appropriate high school 

G. Independent Study
           1.   Under no circumstances will high school students be allowed to enroll 
                in independent study.

H. Other Policy
           1.   All other College policies applicable to regular college students will 
                apply to high school enrollees.

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