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Oglala Lakota College recognizes the importance of monitoring student retention, persistence, 
and completion of courses and degree programs for overall institutional effectiveness.  It is the 
goal of OLC to continuously improve on current retention, persistence and completion rates.
In order to accomplish this, OLC institutes the following procedures:


I. A. Data Gathering:
	a. Track students who stop out/drop out by district and academic department.
	b. Maintain a database that captures the characteristics of each student who stops out/drops 
	   out with the goal of isolating factors, such as gender, age, children in household, 
	   household size, high school GPA, SAT/ACT scores, GED total scores, marital status, 	
	   number of times major are changed, and other aspects that may impact the studentís 	
	   ability to remain in school.
	c. Enrollment pattern of students, i.e. full-time, part-time.
	d. Track grade distribution of courses (identify courses with highest failure rates.
	e. Track information with regard to stated reasons for dropping out/stopping out.
	f. Track all returning students to arrive at a persistence rate and follow their progress.
   B. Responsibility:
	a. The Registrar will provide districts with spreadsheets listing students who dropped/
	   stopped out by semester, and district personnel will complete lists.
        b. Office of Institutional Assessment & Reporting (OIAR) in conjunction with the database 
           manager will summarize, analyze, and report 
	   results by semester/academic year to the Vice President for Instruction to be included
	   in reports to the College President and the Board of Trustees.

II. Definitions:
	a. Retention Rate is the percentage of returning freshman in the following semester
	   calculated as proportion of total number of entering freshmen.
	b. The Persistence Rate is the number of students returning over total number students
	   multiplied by 100.
	c. Course Completion Rate is the percentage of students who complete a course with a 
	   passing grade.
	d. Program Completion is the time/semesters it takes a student to complete his/her program
	   minus the time stopped out.	

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