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                                     Enrollment Management Policy

Oglala Lakota College will develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a comprehensive enrollment 
management plan that includes student recruitment, retention, persistence, and completion. The Oglala 
Lakota College implements enrollment management through a holistic approach that fully embraces 
student recruitment, persistence, retention, and completion.

Enrollment Management Procedures
   1.	Enrollment Management Director (EMD), in collaboration with an advisory committee, will have 
        overall responsibility for monitoring the comprehensive enrollment management plan.  
   2.	EMD will collect data and coordinate enrollment management efforts and activities from 
        academic and nonacademic college units on a semester basis.
   3.	EMD will collect, analyze and report student enrollment, persistence, retention and completion 
        data and compare it to internal benchmarks and national norms.
   4.	EMD will complete an annual report, in conjunction with the Director of Research and 
        Assessment, summarizing student recruitment, persistence, retention, and completion rates.
   5.	Results will be provided to the College President, Vice President for Instruction, and the Board of 
   6.	Results will be distributed to the academic and nonacademic units for continuous improvement.
   7.	Specific data collection and reporting policy and procedures for student recruitment, 
        persistence, retention, and completion can be found in policy #80-400.

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