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Registration is held at each one of nine district college centers throughout the Pine Ridge 
Reservation, the Cheyenne River Reservation and at the Rapid City Extension.  There is 
general reservation-wide registration for one week at each local district centers, the 
Cheyenne River Reservation and at the Rapid City Extension.  One week after 
registration will be the week for processing records. Registration for classes will be in the 
following locations:

Pass Creek College              East Wakpamni College                    Cheyenne River College 
Allen, South Dakota             Batesland, South Dakota                  Cheyenne River 

Pejuta Haka College             Wounded Knee College                     He Sapa College 
Kyle, South Dakota              Manderson, South Dakota                  Rapid City, South 

Lacreek College                 White Clay College                       Pahin Sinte College 
Martin, South Dakota            Oglala, South Dakota                     Porcupine, South 

Pine Ridge College              Eagle Nest College 
Pine Ridge, South Dakota        Wanblee, South Dakota

To be considered for registration the applicant must supply the counselor with 
certified copies of degree of Indian blood, high school and college transcripts.  
Applicants who have a GED certificate must submit an official copy of their 
transcripts or certificate. 

Step-by-Step Registration Process:

1. New students need:
  -certified degree of Indian blood (obtain at your local BIA office).
  -high school transcript, diploma or GED certificate.
  - fill out registration card completely 
  - attend “Orientation” at your center, check with counselor for scheduled 
2. Returning students need: 
  - Username & Password
  - Register online after checking with counselor on status sheet.
  - If you are at 30 or more hours please schedule a meeting with your advisor. 
3. Meet with your counselor:
  - counselor will help you with placement tests (Math/English). 
  - help you register for appropriate courses.
  - assist you with Financial Aid including the scholarship process. 
4. Pick up book from the Bookstore.
5. Attend classes as scheduled.

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