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Meet General Admission Requirements
All applicants must scan and submit each of the following required documents before 

1.) Tribal Enrollment (If the student is not an enrolled tribal member or the studentís 
tribal enrollment is pending, the student must submit their parentsí tribal enrollment 
and birth certificate.),
2.) Social Security Card,
3.) HS/GED Transcripts, signed official copy.

New Entering Freshman (Including New Transfer Students)
After the documents above have been scanned and submitted, new entering freshman 
must complete the following:

1.) Complete the Online Admission Application
2.) Complete the College Readiness Assessment  
3.) Register for classes
4.) Meet with academic department advisor (students should meet with their advisors 
every fall and spring semester).
5.) Review student and department handbooks which can be found on the OLC website.
6.) Attend mandatory student orientation.
7.) Transfer students, please send official transcripts to Registrarís Office, PO Box 490, 
Kyle, SD 57752.

Returning Students 
All returning students who stopped out for more than one semester must complete the 

1.) Complete the Returning Student Admission Application
2.) Submit Official College Transcripts (If transferring back from a different college.)
3.) Complete the College Readiness Assessment (If student has not successfully 
completed ENGL 103 or MATH 103.)

Early Entry Students (Junior or senior high school students with a 2.00 GPA or higher)
After the required general admission, documents are scanned and submitted, early entry 
students must:

1.) Submit an early entry letter (Must be typed and signed by high school principal or 
2.) Submit a High School transcript that show their grade level and 2.00 GPA.
2.) Complete the Online Admission Application
3.) Complete the College Readiness Assessment and meet the 10.1 reading level.
4.) Place into MATH 103 and ENGL 103
5.) Register for no more than 7 credit hours

Prerequisite Overrides
The Registrarís office requires that students complete all the pre-requisites listed in their 
program of study.  However, we recognized that with our decentralized scheduling 
system, this is not achievable every semester.  This pre-requisite override indicates that 
the student does not have the pre-requisite; however, the Chair of the department where 
the course is held, is willing to waive the pre-requisite requirements. 

                                     OLC Registration Process

                                         NEW STUDENT                      RETURNING STUDENT
Collect Documents                        DIB, SSC, & HS\GED               Check to see if you have
                                         Transcripts (transfer 	          documents on file.
                                         students need official 

Scan & send Documents Option 1:           Email to Registrar's Office.     Email to registrarís office.
Option 1:

Application                               Online Application               Returning Student 

Complete Application                      After the Online                 A scanned copy of the
                                          Application is submitted         paper (Returning Student
                                          and documents are                Application) must be sent 
                                          received, it will be             to the Registrar's Office             
                                          processed by the 
                                          Registrar's Office.

College Readiness                         Student must provide             If student has not yet 
                                          social security number in        completed ENGL 103 or
                                          order to test.                   MATH 103, then they must 
                                                                           complete the assessment. 

Jenzabar                                  Codes will be sent after         Codes will be sent once we
                                          application is processed.        receive the application.

***During the final week of registration, counselors can submit all documents 
(including the add card). Please allow Registrar's Office at least 24 hours to process 
each application.***

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