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                                                                               BOT 05-17-12

                                   COLLEGE CREDITS (POLICY)

One academic credit hour is a measure of student achievement of college level learning, 
which is the equivalent of any of the following:

1)	15 hours of classroom or lecture instruction, plus approximately 30 hours of outside 
        homework per semester.

2)	30 hours or laboratory or activities, plus approximately 15 hours of outside homework 
        per semester.

3)	Successful performance on an examination and/or demonstration exhibiting skills 
        equivalent to 1 or 2 above.

4)	Internship/practicum/clinical, cooperative education equivalences and evidence for 
        credit are developed by Individual departments appropriate to the professional 
        degree requirements as stated in the college catalog.

5)	The definition of credit hour will extend to alternative formats. These include face to 
        face, pictel (mixed), virtual campus (distance learning), graduation requirement 
        courses (independent/directed), evening and weekend, internships and practica.

6)	All academic faculty professionally and ethically are expected to achieve the criteria 
        herein. Further it is the responsibility of all academics and their supervisor to monitor 
        and improve the delivery of course content as defined herein.

Note:  Classes meet for 50 minutes.

The college catalog indicates the number of credits for each course. In those courses 
which combine lecture and laboratory/activities, parenthesis enclose an indication of the 
number of lecture hours and the number or lab/activities per week.

For example: Bio 101 Biology                      3 credits (2, 2)

This indicates that successful completion of the course results in three credits and that 
the student was in class for two lecture and two laboratory hours weekly.


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