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Drop/Add Procedure

During registration and the first week of classes a student may change their enrollment by 
the following procedure. Complete a drop/add card, make the changes and return card to 
the Registrar, via fax, scanned, hand delivered. Add/drop is during the first week of 
classes only. If a class is dropped after the third week the student will be liable for full 

A. Adding Courses
   1. Students wishing to add a course can obtain their online access information 
      from the registrar’s office and go to the following website http://exweb.olc.edu/ics  
      to see what courses are available, along with days and times.

   2. Pre-requisites must be fully disclosed for each academic department and 
      included in all course rotations, plans of study, and approved schedules. 
      a.   All pre-requisites must be met when registering or adding courses online or 
           system will not allow registration.
      b.   If a pre-requisite is not met due to course rotation or scheduling conflicts, 
           students must get chair approval to enroll in the course.  The chair pre-
           requisite override form shall substitute the add card. 

B. Withdrawal from Classes

   1.   Students wishing to withdraw from a class must obtain a Add/Drop card from a 
        local counselor, or the Registrar. When the card has been properly completed and 
        returned to the Registrar’s office, via fax or scanned it will be processed the same 
        day and a “W” will be recorded on the student’s record. 

         If the withdrawal is completed within the first three weeks of the semester,        
         enrollment will not be recorded on official transcript.

               The sequence for withdrawal is shown below:

               1 – 3weeks        “W” not recorded on permanent record
               4 – 16 weeks      “W” recorded on permanent record

C. Summer school Withdrawal Procedure

Any student who does not officially withdraw from class or classes will be 
dropped at 100%.
D. Withdrawal/Drop

     The following withdrawal/drop procedure must be followed by the instructor:
   1.	The student will be dropped by the instructor and Registrar, using an official 
        card and/or weekly attendance report, after three consecutive unexcused 
   2.	All instructors must submit on-line attendance weekly. (Attendance policy 
   3.	All instructors must hand in drops on a weekly basis to the center. The drops 
        must be dated and signed.

The following withdrawal/drop procedure must be followed by the center staff:
   1.	The drop card must be signed and dated by any two of the following people: 
        Registrar, Counselor, Student, District Director, or Instructor.  When a 
        student calls their counselor and states they will not be in attendance for any 
        reason, counselors can process the drop card.  It is the student’s 
        responsibility to make arrangements for dropping or adding courses with the 
        exception of incarceration or medical reasons.  Family members may also 
        inform the center staff of a student dropping any or all courses, but this may 
        not be processed unless it can be documented by the counselor.  
   2.	All counselors must submit add/drop cards including necessary 
        documentation every Friday.

The following withdrawal/drop procedure must be followed by the Registrar’s office:

   1.	Three consecutive or five scattered absences will also result in an automatic 
        withdrawal by the Registrar the attendance report is run every Monday 
        a.   Reinstatements are allowed only by instructors who submit an add card 
             explaining when the error occurred.

   2.	The Registrar will send Counselors a list of students who are withdrawn due 
        to three consecutive or five scattered absences. 

E. Total Withdrawal
   a. Total withdrawal means that a student dropped or was dropped from all courses 
      for non-attendance.  Students will be placed on academic probation or suspension 
      which is different from Financial Aid. (See Academic Probation & Suspension 
   b. These credit hours will be counted as total hours attempted and will have an 
      impact on your eligibility status for financial aid which is different from 
      Academic probation and Suspension. (See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 

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