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                                                                    BOT 06-28-07, 10-28-10, 06-11-15

                                 DROPPING AND ADDING COURSES (POLICY)

Drop and Add

During registration and the first week of classes, all students who meet the registration 
deadline may change their enrollment by the following:

   1.   Log on the Jenzabar website http://exweb.olc.edu/ics using your username and 
        password that you acquire from the Registrar’s Office. 
   2.	If a student discontinues a subject and fails to allow the prescribed procedure for 
        dropping a course, it may be recorded on his/her permanent record as an “F”. It is 
        the student’s responsibility to verify that their online schedule shows that the course 
        is officially dropped. 
   3.	If a class is dropped after the third week, the student will be liable for the total cost of 
        the tuition. 

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