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                                    ATTENDANCE (PROCEDURE)
Instructors and students must comply with their responsibilities listed in the Attendance Policy 
81-350.  Attendance is extremely important to student success. Financial aid is paid based on the 
student’s attendance. When a student totally withdraws from all their courses, the Financial Aid 
office will recalculate the students PELL grant according to what they earned during the 
semester.  This is calculated using their last date of attendance. 

1.   Attendance definitions and process:

     a.	  Present means the student was in attendance and remained in class for three hours.
     b.	  Absent Excused is the same as an absent, however this indicates that the student 
          informed the instructor that they could not make it to class due to extenuating 
          circumstances.  Only two absences can be made up during the semester.
     c.	  Absent Unexcused indicates that the student did not inform the instructor that they 
          will be missing class and this absence cannot be changed.
     d.	  A student shall be considered tardy for class, if he/she arrives late for class, but            
          during the first hour of the class.  A student arriving later than this may be marked            
          absent unexcused.  This policy will not interfere with the instructor's prerogative to 
          grade for class participation (See policy 81-370).

2.   Entering Attendance Weekly

     a.	  Attendance must be entered after each class. Attendance cannot be entered until 
          classes begin. 

     b.	  Instructors sign into the following website: http://exweb.olc.edu/ics or the OLC 
          homepage http://www.olc.edu/ and under the “Services” heading click Jenzabar on 
          the drop down.  The ID and Password can be obtained from the Personnel Office. 

     c.	  On the left hand side of the web page under “Quick Links” click on “My Courses” 
          and click the course you wish to enter attendance for, on the left hand side under the 
          course name click on “Attendance”.  Mark each student listed in your course as 
          present or absent.  Any pre-arranged absences are still marked absent until the student 
          makes up the missing work. 

     d.   In the case of a student not being listed on the roster, submit an add card signed by 
          both the student and instructor to the college center staff If the student does not meet 
          the prerequisite requirement they cannot enroll without an override by the chair of 
          their major (Please see policy 81-300/1).

3.   Weekly Attendance Monitoring Reports:

     a.	  Attendance is reviewed every Monday morning by the VPI Administrative Assistant. 

     b.	  The VPI AA will submit a list of Instructors who have not submitted their attendance 
          to the Academic Department Chairs and Center Directors. 

     c.	  The Department Chairs will contact the Instructor notifying them to enter their 
          attendance and cc. the College Center Directors.

     d.	  Students who miss three consecutive or five scattered absences will be dropped.  
          Classes meeting twice a week will be withdrawn for six consecutive and ten scattered 
          absences by the instructor.

4.   Chairs evaluation of attendance procedures:

     a.	  Instructors who need assistance with attendance in Jenzabar must schedule training 
          with college center staff or department chairs prior to the start of the semester and as 
     b.	  If an instructor does not enter attendance they will be notified by the department chair 
          and college center staff.  
          The repeated occurrences will be noted in the evaluation.
     c.	  Instructors who do not enter attendance weekly will be subject to corrective action 
          according to policy 65-200.

5.   Instructors attendance procedures:

     a.	  Instructors are required to be in attendance during the first class and cover the 
          attendance policy. 
     b.	  Instructors must make a fair and non-biased judgement in determining special 
          circumstances for approving an absence to be made up. 
     c.	  Instructors who approve an absence to be made up must change the absent to present 
          once the course work is successfully completed. 
     d.	  Instructors can approve no more than two absences. 
     e.	  Instructors must maintain the absence status for students who do not comply with the 
          one week time period.
     f.	  Instructors must manage their sessions for cancelled and rescheduled classes via 
     g.	  The instructor must reschedule the class at a date and time suitable for all active 
          students enrolled in the course. 
     h.	  Instructors must follow early alert policy and procedures and use the early alert 
          manual regarding attendance. 

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