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                                                TARDINESS (POLICY)

     In formulating this policy it is understood that unique problems exist for both students and faculty due to
     the decentralized nature of OLC.  Since classes meet only once per week, it is important that they be held
     - even if they begin late.

     Generally speaking, if an instructor is going to be late getting to a college center for a class, the center
     staff should always be notified.  The following policy applies to cases where this has not been done:

         A student shall be considered tardy for class, if he/she arrives late for class, but during the first
         hour of the class.  A student arriving later than this, may be marked absent.  This policy will not
         interfere with the instructor's prerogative to grade for class participation.

         If an instructor is late for a class, students must wait for one-half hour.  After this time, the class
         will be considered cancelled for that week and must be made up.

         In the event that no students appear for class at the scheduled starting time, the instructor should
         wait at least one-half hour before deciding to cancel the class.

     All missed classes must be made up.

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