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                       Graduation Requirement Course Policy 

The purpose of a Graduation Requirement Course is to assist the student with continued 
persistence and timely completion of his/her degree. Graduation Requirement Courses are 
intended for degree seeking students only. Non degree seeking students or students in special 
programs do not qualify for a GRC. Not all courses can be taught through this mode of delivery. 
All Courses suitable for a GRC are designated by the Department Chair and Approved by the 
Vice President for Instruction and Registrar. All Graduation Requirement Course (GRC) requests 
must be approved by the Department Chairperson and the Vice President of Instruction.

A GRC will not be allowed if the same course is offered on-line or with in fifty (50) miles of the 
student’s home center. However, if there is a scheduling conflict, a student may still apply. 
Students are allowed two graduation requirement courses per semester.

Student eligibility and requirements
Students who successfully complete 45 hours towards their first AA/AAS or 96 hours towards 
their first Bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for a GRC. 

Students must have an overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.75 and be in good standing, or 
3.00 for the previous 24 credit hours, verified by the Registrar’s Office. 

Students must have a demonstrated ability to work independently, utilize technology and be 
familiar with the current student information system.

Students must utilize Oglala Lakota College email. 

Students must keep a log of hours worked on the assignments. The number of hours worked 
must be equal to the work expected to complete the GRC. Students must record the individual 
meetings with faculty members as scheduled. 

Department responsibility
Faculty will be required to utilize the approved student information system throughout the 
semester to enter attendance equivalent to the amount of work required by the course, 
midterm and final grades. Faculty must have the GRC syllabi that outline the expectations of the 
student. Faculty must fully inform the student of what is expected from the GRC. Faculty must 
keep record of this course orientation through sign in sheet and approved syllabi signed by both 
the faculty and the student. 

Faculty must turn in the Log of hours with the final grade.

Duties for Faculty doing GRC: 

   a.	Attend a session of orientation with the appropriate department chair before being 
        assigned a Graduation Requirement Course.
   b.	Provide centers with contact information when instructor is scheduled to meet with the 
   c.	Provide centers with direction on preferred method of receiving homework from 
        Graduation Requirement student(s).
   d.	Record attendance schedule and verify student progress with centers at least four times 
        during the semester. 
   e.	Distribute course materials at least one week before meeting with student(s) so the 
        center has time to photocopy and distribute if necessary.
   f.	Notify the centers when student(s) contact is scheduled at least one week in advance.

Department Chairs must ensure that the course is appropriate to be delivered in the GRC 
format, the syllabus is appropriate for GRC and will meet the student learning outcomes, and 
departmental requirements for student success and assessment. 

Remuneration and mileage for Faculty

   1.	Faculty will be paid at the rate of $100.00 per credit hour for each GRC. 
        Mileage will be paid to instructors for travel associated with GRC as per OLC mileage 

   1.	The student in consultation  with advising faculty member must fill out the GRC Form. 
        Signature of approved Faculty, Center Director, and Chairperson must be submitted by 
        the student. 

   2.	The GRC Form must be submitted with appropriate signatures to the Assistant to the 
        Vice President for Instruction no later than the last day of the “add/drop” period. 
   3.	The following documentation is required and must be attached to the GRC Form: a 
        typed status sheet showing completed courses. The status sheet must demonstrate that 
        they are on track to graduate in a timely manner; A course syllabus indicating how the 
        course requirement will be met. 
   4.	The Faculty Contract for GRC courses must be completed and submitted to the Assistant 
        to the Vice President for Instruction no later than the last day of the “add/drop” period. 

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