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                          BOT 12-16-2006, 06-28-07, 11-20-08, 06-21-12, 06-11-15, 12-16-17
                             TUITION (POLICY)

A.   Tuition
     1.	Undergraduate tuition at Oglala Lakota College is $84.00 per credit hour for 
        students whose attendance results in “per pupil funding”. *
     2.	Undergraduate tuition at Oglala Lakota College for any student whose 
        attendance does not result in “per pupil funding” is $103.00 per credit hour. *
     3.	Graduate tuition is $115.00 per credit hour.  

B.  Documentation that results in Per Pupil Funding
     1.	Tribal Enrollment document that is received from the student or the Tribal 
        Enrollment Office. A student can sign a release that allows the Registrar’s Office 
        to obtain the tribal enrollment document from the Tribal Enrollment Office.
     2.	Tribal Lineage record that establishes that the student is a biological child of a 
        member of a tribe, living or deceased, and this record is received from the student 
        or Tribal Enrollment Office.  A student can fill out a tribal lineage form that is 
        accompanied with a birth certificate, and this form can be submitted by the 
        student or the Registrar’s Office to the Tribal Enrollment Office.  

        *  Students who have their tribal enrollment documentation on file with Oglala 
           Lakota College Registrar’s Office does result in “Per pupil funding” and will not 
           be affected by the higher tuition.  Why is this documentation required?  Simply, 
           the College’s primary source of funding is a Public Law known as the “Tribally 
           Controlled Community College Assistance Act.”  This law requires all who claim 
           to be Native American to provide proof that they are an enrolled member of a 
           Federally recognized tribe or have proof of tribal lineage from their biological 
           parent(s).  Any student who does not provide the Registrar’s Office with this 
           information will not have the major portion of the cost of their education 
           reimbursed to the College.  Tuition and fees only cover a small fraction of the 
           actual cost of a student’s education. 

C.  Tuition Assistance
     1.  Financial Assistance, scholarships and grants are available for those students 
         who qualify.
     2.  Refunds will be made according to the refund policy.

D.  I.  Tuition Waiver for Veterans  
    Veterans may be granted tuition waivers. The tuition waiver is good for              
    undergraduate courses only. To qualify, the Veteran must meet the following criteria: 
    a.  Must have used all entitlement to, or not be eligible for, educational benefits, 
        (Veterans benefits, Pell grants, Higher Education grants, Scholarships.) 
    b.  Must have honorable discharge. 
    c.  Must have served more than 181 days in the Military. (Proof of Military Service is 
        the DD-214). 
    d.  Must be a first generation college student. 
    e.  Tuition waiver will be granted until a first Bachelor’s degree is completed. 

    II.  Veteran Debt Waiver 
    All Veterans that qualify for the tuition waiver and have debts with Oglala Lakota 
    College will have these debts waived. 

E.  I. Members of Local Boards and Board of Trustees will be granted tuition cost 
    waivers when no other financial aid is available or when sufficient financial aid is not 

F.  I. Students sixty years and older will be granted tuition cost waivers when no other 
    financial aid is available or when sufficient aid is not available. 

G.  Withdrawal Refund 
    Students who withdraw voluntarily from Oglala Lakota College, after classes start,      
    may be eligible for a refund of the tuition upon the approval of the Registrar and 
    Financial Aid Officer. Refunds will be made in accordance with the following 
			Through the 2nd week:  100% refund
			Starting the 3rd week:    0% refund  

H.  Fees 
      1.  Registration fee is $20.00 per semester. 
      2.  Lab fees vary in courses. 
      3.  Technology fee is $8.00 per credit hour. 
      4.  These fees are non-refundable starting the 3rd week. 
      5.  Level I & II Nursing student will be charged a $120 fee per semester. This fee will 
           cover costs for the computer assisted study programs, standardized testing, the pin               
           and other costs related to the nursing program. 

I.  Review of Tuition and Fees Schedule 
      1.  The Oglala Lakota College schedule of tuition will be reviewed annually. 

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