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                                                  BOOKS (POLICY)

     If a textbook is required for a course, the student is responsible for obtaining the textbook.  The Financial
     Aid Office will provide a list to each district.  Students who cannot prove they are receiving financial aid
     must pay for books and supplies before they receive them.  Books will be available to students at district
     centers the first two weeks of classes.  Students still needing books after that will have to pick them up
     at the OLC Bookstore at Three Mile Creek.

     Students who officially withdrew from a course in the first three week of the semester can return the
     textbooks to the Bookstore Manager for a refund if the books are unmarked and in good condition.  The
     college has the right to refuse any book.

     Books will be put on reserve at the college's learning resource center for those students who need them
     while their financial aid application is pending.

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