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                                        LAB AND MATERIALS FEE (PROCEDURE)


     1.  Lab fees are defined as those fees for consumable materials and rental equipment required in a course.
         The students enrolled in such courses are responsible for these fees.

     2.  Instructors must prepare generalized consumer list of anticipated materials and rental fees for any class
         which required a lab fee.  These lists must be attached to the course syllabus.

     3.  A student who believes that the class has received no benefits from their lab fees may submit a written
         complaint to the appropriate department chair and the Vice President for Instruction.  If the department
         can not document expenditures of 75% of the lab fees for that course to the satisfactory of the V.P. for
         Instructional Affairs, then the student shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of those fees.

     4.  Lab fees will be assessed starting the second week of classes (50% refund week).  Students withdrawing
         after the first week of classes or later shall not be entitled to any refund on lab fees.

     5.  Instructors will be able to draw down 50% of their initial lab fee money during registration week based
         on tentative class lists at that time.

     6.  Instructors shall base their lab fee's budget upon official class enrollment at the beginning of the
         second week of the semester.  Subsequent change in enrollment figures for those classes will not result
         in lab fee budgets.

     7.  Monies collected as lab fee's but not allocated by the last day of the semester shall be transferred to
         the college's general fund.

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