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                                  GRANTS - FINANCIAL AID

Pell Grant Entitlement Program 
Students must have the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) on file.  This is A 
Federal program that offers assistance to any eligible student who needs it to attend a 
post secondary educational institution.  The value of the award may vary depending 
on the amount of assistance reasonably available from the family and the amounts 
determined by the Department of Education each year.  This award helps eligible 
students work toward an undergraduate degree.  Once a student has earned a first 
Bachelors Degree, they are no longer eligible to receive PELL.

         OST Higher Education Grant (formerly BIA)
Presently contracted through the Oglala Sioux Tribe.  Students must file the OST 
Higher Education Grants application.  Students must also have a Free Application For 
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Pell Grant Application, on file before a needs analysis 
can be completed and submitted to Higher Education.

The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Program provides grants to 
undergraduate students who demonstrates a financial need.  The maximum award to a 
student is $2000 per academic-year.

Federal Work Study
Students employed under the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program can work a     
maximum of twenty hours a week, depending on the amount of the award.  Students 
will be compensated at an amount equal to the Federal minimum wage rate.  The 
average award is $1,700 per student per semester but varies based on need. 
         Eligibility of Student
A.  Preference to students with greatest aid eligibility.
B.  At least half time students (except during the summer session).
C.  U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or in the United States for other than a 
    temporary purpose.
D.  Shows evidence of academic or creative promise and the capability of 
    maintaining good standing.
E.  Not in Default/ or owe a refund to any Title IV programs.
F.  At least one work study student will be hired in each district college center.
G.  Assignment of FWS to district centers is contingent on satisfactory compliance 
    by the center in developing job descriptions, recruitment, supervision and 

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