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                                                                           06-23-11, 06-21-12

                            FINANCIAL AID REQUIREMENTS

All students must be aware of the following when applying for financial aid:

A.	The student must apply for all financial aid in a timely manner to determine if he/she 
will receive money to pay for his/her educational costs. The general rule is if you plan 
to attend OLC, your financial aid application should be completed the semester prior 
to registering for classes.

B.	Students are required to declare a major in order to receive any type of financial aid.

C.	Selected students must verify the income they reported on the PELL Grant 
application.  If a tax return was filed, an IRS Tax Return transcript and verification 
worksheet must be in the students file in the Financial Aid Office.

Students who attend another college, university or institution of higher learning that 
participates in the Title IV Campus Based Aid programs must submit official 
transcripts to OLC. 

Students who need financial aid urged to contact the local district college center staff or 
the Financial Aid Office for general information. All Federal Financial Aid funding 
regulations state that a student receiving Federal Financial Aid must maintain 
satisfactory progress.

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