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                                                                     07-10-11, 06-21-12, 01-29-15
                            Verification (Policy and Procedure)

All students that are selected by the Department of Education are required to complete 
the verification process.  The Financial Aid Office will send the student a letter notifying 
them of the documents needed to complete the process. The college center staff will 
make every effort to assist the student and explain what the student and or parents must 
submit to complete the verification process. The student will be informed that they will 
not receive any Title IV financial aid until the required Verification has been completed.

The student selected for verification must complete a Verification Worksheet with relevant 
tax documents attached. The following eight types of information must be verified.
   1.	Household size.
   2.	Number enrolled in post-secondary education.
   3.	Food Stamps - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - if receipt is 
        indicated on the FAFSA. 
   4.	Adjusted Gross Income.
   5.	U.S. Income tax paid.
   6.	Untaxed income and benefits: Child Support Received, Child Support Paid and/or 
        Untaxed payment to IRA and Keogh plans.
   7.	Any other information needed such as legal separation or divorce papers, asset 
        income, W-2 forms, etc...
   8.	The Financial Aid staff will complete the on-line verification form, print it and attach 
        it to the studentís ISIR.

The Financial Aid staff will complete the verification form, and attach it to the studentís ISIR.
The student is sent a letter two times with the required documentation needed to 
complete the verification process. The student will have 30 days to respond to each 
notice that the ISIR verification must be completed. The student must submit the 
required documents no later than (60) days after the last day of enrollment or August 
30, whichever is earlier. If the student fails to complete the verification by the 
deadline, the student forfeits the Pell Grant for the award year.

If an overpayment is discovered, the student is notified of the overpayment. The 
Financial Aid Office will conduct an investigation to determine liability for repayment 
of Title IV by the school or the student. If the student is liable, he/she is given 30 days 
to repay or other action will be taken. The Director has the right to verify and file that 
a student failed to provide requested documentation.

After conducting a review of an application provided for, under paragraph (f) of this      
section, any credible information indicating that an application for Title IV, HEA program 
assistance may have engaged in fraud or other criminal misconduct in connection with 
his or her application.  The type of information that an institution must refer is that which 
is relevant to the eligibility of the applicant for Title IV, HEA program assistance, or the 
amount of the assistance, will be referred to the Office of Inspector General of the 
Department of Education for investigation.

   1.	False claims of independent student status
   2.	False claims of citizenship
   3.	Use of false identities
   4.	Forgery of signatures of certifications
   5.	False statements of income.


   *	Students and/or parents must submit IRS Tax Return transcript. The transcript is used to 
        verify adjusted gross income, tax paid, earned income credit and number of exceptions 
   *	Student must complete and submit to the Financial Aid Office a completed and properly 
        signed Verification Worksheet. There is a Verification Worksheet for dependent students and 
        one for independent students. The Verification worksheet is used to verify the household size 
        and the number in College. It also provides income and other information about the student 
        and/or parents. The worksheet must be properly signed before it can be used to verify the 
        information on the ISIR.
   *	If the student or parents have untaxed income, they must list the type and amount 
        received for the year on the verification worksheet.  They must provide proof of that income 
        from the appropriate agency for child support received or untaxed payment to an IRA & 
        KEOGH plans.
   *	Students who indicated on their FAFSA that they have received Food Stamps ĖSNAP 
        benefits, they must provide proof from their local DSS.
   *	Students or parents that were not required to file a 1040, must complete the verification 
        form and list how they lived for the year, whether it was EBT, TANIF, Social Security, 
        Commodities, Grant or other.
   *	Student or parents unable or unwilling to provide the requested and required 
        documentation to meet the federal verification requirements will not be awarded any Title IV 
        financial aid.
   *	Students that are not enrolled at the institution do not have to be verified.
   *	There may be times that the Financial Aid Office will need additional information from the 
        student or parents, in addition to items, in order to complete the Verification Process.
   *	If during this process, the Financial Aid Office determines that part or all of the 
        information on the ISIR is not correct, the ISIR will be returned for corrections. The corrected 
        ISIR will be reviewed and the verification process will be completed. The student and/or 
        parents must sign the correction in order for the corrected ISIR to be valid.
   *	The Final step in this process to complete the on-line Verification Tool on the financial aid 
        system. The financial aid staff person completing the verification process must sign and date 
        the check list. They must also indicate the accuracy or tolerance or the check list.
   *	No Title IV aid will be disbursed until the required verification process has been completed 
        for flagged ISIRís.
   *	The institution must verify all of the Title IV financial aid recipients that are flagged for 
   *	The financial aid office can choose to verify a student who has not been selected by the 
        Department of Education if they see the need.
   *	The Financial Aid Staff will notify the student when the Verification has been completed 
        and his/her financial aid will be processed. The student will be informed of any funding 
        changes that resulted from the Verification.

The Financial Aid Office and District Counselors will work with the students on what 
documentation is needed to satisfy Federal Verification requirements, deadlines for 
completion and consequences on failing to comply.

The Financial Aid Officer verifying the studentís application will check the 
documentation against the ISIR. Each of the above mentioned items are verified with 
the verification form. The form is attached to the studentís file.  

If ISIR corrections are needed because of conflicting documentation the Financial Aid 
Officer will make the changes and corrections on PART II of the ISIR according to the 
verification information submitted by the student and submit the ISIR for correcting to 
address the changes. The same steps will be used in determining if the corrected ISIR 
is accurate. Corrections and discrepancies are corrected prior to disbursing any federal 
student aid.

The student is notified by mail or phone if their award is changed because of the 
verification process.

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