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                                                  06-01-2006, 06-28-07, 05-27-10, 12-22-12 

                OF PELL FUNDS (POLICY) 

Pell will be disbursed to the number of hours students are enrolled in at the fourth week 
of classes. Verification of attendance will be completed by; the financial aid staff during 
week four. Pell refund checks will be out by week eight for students with a complete file. 

Summer Pell Grants will be paid out of the current academic year that has just been 
completed as a trailer for each academic year. Example: (Summer 2013 Pell Grant will be 
paid out of the 2012-2013 year). 

In the event of a student totally withdrawing from classes and ending up in repayment 
situation, the student will be responsible for the repayment back to the program and will 
be in overpayment with the Department of Education. 

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