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Richtmyer Scholarship
In 1980, Dr. Robert Richtmyer presented Oglala Lakota College with a gift in memory of 
his late wife, Jane.  Scholarship amounts vary depending on the amount of interest earned 
from the Richtmyer Endowment fund during the year.  Students must present evidence of 
creative ability in Native American arts and crafts.  

Crazy Horse Scholarship
Students must be of Lakota ancestry, must be in good standing academically, 
demonstrates a need and must submit a thank you letter.  There is $500.00 available for 
the regular scholarship and $500.00 for nursing students each semester.

Wilms Scholarship
Established for the purpose of financially assisting “young Indian males” to achieve a 
college education. This award is also based on the interest accrued from the Wilms 
Scholarship Endowment fund per academic year. Criteria to be considered will be:  
academics, school and community activities, leadership, potential for completing college 
and financial need.  $500.00 will be awarded per student, in good standings, per semester. 
Males to be considered must be 35 years or younger.
Fund Exchange Scholarship
Applicants must be an enrolled member of a Federally-recognized tribe, must be a 
potential graduate for the current academic year, have an unmet need for financial 
assistance, be enrolled in a least 6 credit hours, have demonstrated academic achievement 
and have a cumulative semester GPA of 2.0 or better. 

This scholarship is for students with a Lakota Studies Major, full-time enrollment , an 
Oglala Sioux Tribal member and an unmet financial need.
This is for students with a Voc-Ed major, enrolled member of a Federally recognized 
tribe and a full-time student.


American Indian College Fund:  
This is not a single scholarship, but is a number of scholarships we receive from the 
AICF with their own criteria and change every semester.  Selections are to be decided by 
the Scholarship Committee.  Recipients must submit an AICF Profile when selected. 

BOT Scholarships  
This scholarship has many different criterions scholarships are awarded to students with 
Perfect Attendance, Out Standing Community Involvement, A well written essay, and by 
Departments: Applied Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Early Childhood, 
Education, Human Services & Social Work, Lakota Studies, Agriculture, Math & 
Science, Nursing, and Information Technology. 

Also, a good source of outside Scholarships may be found on the Internet at:  

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