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                                      SCHOLARSHIPS (PROCEDURE)

Scholarship Procedures

Screening Procedures - Prior to the September Meeting

1.   Download the list from the AICF on-line application and give it to the registrar to get  
     current hours, a cumulative GPA verified and to make sure the student has a Degree of 
     Indian Blood on file if claiming Native American preference. 
2.   Next, send the list which has been approved by the registrar to the Financial Aid Office to 
     make sure all applicants have completed the PELL process with an eligible estimated Family 
     Contribution (EFC) to determine the student's financial need.  The Financial Aid Office will 
     require that students are in good standing.  The screening of applicants will take place one 
     week before the scholarship meeting.
3.   Financial Aid and Registrar's office will provide a list of applicants stating eligibility and   
     reasons in case of ineligibility.

Meetings:  The chairperson notifies members of the committee about this meeting and   
prepares an agenda. The meetings follow the following timelines in an academic year:

September/October and February/March Meetings

1.   Review and modify criteria of any scholarships as needed.
2.   Make selections.  Use a scoring grid for all candidates with completed applications who 
     meet the basic requirements of the scholarship.  Create a list of recipients.  All decisions on 
     this day are final.
3.   Financial Aid Office will send all applicants a letter of denial stating the reason or the
     scholarship award will be added to the current Financial Aid award letter.
4.   Minutes are to be submitted to the Student Services Committee for approval.

Role of the Student Services Committee in the Scholarship Process:
The Scholarship Subcommittee reports directly to the Student Services Committee.
The Student Services Committee:

(1)  Reviews and approves the minutes of the Scholarship Subcommittee.
(2)  Certifies that the scholarship subcommittee has met all necessary criteria.

Role of the Financial Aid Director:

1.   Is expected to be a member of the scholarship committee and an ex-officio member of the  
     Student Services Committee.
2.   Sends the lists of the recipients and amounts to the Student Fund Accounts for processing of 
     the awards.
3.   To complete all reports required by the scholarship funding agencies.

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