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                                                                                                      BOT 06-28-07

                                     Dorm Admission and Occupancy (Procedure)


     The procedures set forth herein shall be used by Oglala Lakota College to administer student housing.

     Application Procedures

     Each applicant will be required to supply information as called for on the application and attest to the
     accuracy of the data provided.


     Dorm eligibility is limited to married or single parents.

     To be eligible for admission into the housing program students must:

         1.  Be enrolled full time and must consistently satisfactorily complete courses that are meeting
             requirements for their degree.

         2.  Demonstrate adequate financial resources to meet housing costs. This includes the capability to pay
             rent during the summer months.

         3.  Consistently maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.0

         4.  Consent to a credit check

         5.  Consent to a background check

         6.  Consent to initial and reasonable cause drug testing

         7.  Pay a security deposit (First & Last month's rent)

         8.  Be of age for independent status as defined by the US Dept of Education for student aid. A student,
             who has children they support, is twenty-four years or is a veteran of the armed forces.

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