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                Dorm Admission and Occupancy Policy and Procedures

Oglala Lakota College Student Housing Policy

The Oglala Lakota College (OLC) wants you to be able to achieve your goals and be 
successful in school while living in its dorm. Therefore, please understand that, while you 
are a resident in a dormitory, you will have certain rights and responsibilities that will 
guide your lifestyle. 

When choosing to live on campus, you must fully understand that you are agreeing to 
recognize and adhere to OLC’s Dorm Admission and Occupancy Policy and Procedures 
(“Handbook” or “Policies”). If later you choose not to recognize OLC’s dorm policies, 
you have the option of finding alternative housing off campus. 

Oglala Lakota College offers safe, clean and affordable on-campus housing units. Units 
are designated for full-time students while they attend OLC, although Nursing dorm 
rooms are sometimes rented to non-students. The atmosphere is in harmony with that of 
acquiring an education and personal growth in a tribal college setting. In an effort to 
create a setting that is conducive to students’ educational endeavors, the policies listed in 
this Handbook and Policies will be strictly enforced. 

Applications for these units will be processed on a first come, first served basis according 
to the day the completed application, including all documentation, is received. Priority 
will be given to Oglala Sioux tribal members from the district where the dorm is located. 
The Dorm Committee for each dorm reviews completed applications to ensure that they 
meet all criteria.

Full-time student status is defined in the college catalog. Only credits from OLC will be 
considered. Usually, a full-time student is a student who is taking at least 12 credit hours. 
A student must vacate the unit immediately after graduation, transfer and/or not being a 
full-time student for any reason. All students are required to attend class regularly.  


Safe, clean, and affordable housing is available at OLC.  Dormitory housing is a 
privilege, not a right. It is the responsibility of the head of household to ensure the future 
of this privilege by taking personal responsibility in dealing with issues that may arise. 

Contact the Dorm Manager for help with maintenance issues, rent payment issues, and 
laundry facility issues. In an emergency, please call 911 for assistance. OLC strongly 
urges caution in an effort to prevent a more serious situation.

The Dorm Manager is there to assist residents. Residents should write down any concerns 
so that they may be addressed. All concerns may be reported anonymously. However, it 
can sometimes be difficult to act on anonymous reports. Reports should include specific 
information. Every attempt is made to keep all reports confidential. 

Head of Household

For efficiency and one-bedroom apartments, each application must show the full-time 
student as the head of household. The head of household must sign the application. The 
head of household must maintain full-time student status. Dropping below full-time 
student status may result in termination of housing and immediate eviction. The head of 
household must be making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.

For the Nursing dorm, the person signing this Handbook and Policies document is 
considered the head of household for purposes of these Policies. 


Monthly rental charges are: 

Efficiency apartment: Furnished $175
One Bedroom apartment: Furnished $225

Nursing Dorm
	OLC Students
		1 night in small room: $7
		1 night in large room: $10
		3 nights in small room: $20
		3 nights in large room: $25
		4 nights in small room: $25
		4 nights in large room: $30
		Monthly rate for small room: $150
		Monthly rate for large room: $175
		Monthly rate for double occupancy: $100
	Non-OLC Students
		Nightly rate: $15

Rent is due on the sixth of each month for efficiency and one-bedroom apartments. 
Prorated rent is a privilege for tenants who follow the policies outlined in this Handbook. 
Rent is prorated on a weekly rate schedule and based on the size of the unit. Prorated rent 
will be determined based on the move in and move out dates. A $5.00 per day late fee 
will be charged if rent is not paid by the sixth of the month. Eviction proceedings will 
begin if rent has not been paid by that day.

For the Nursing dorm, daily charges are due prior to receiving a key and assigned room. 
A signed copy of this Handbook and Policies document is required at the time of room 
assignment. For large rooms, there is the possibility of having to share the room, if there 
is a demand for its use. OLC Nursing students will have priority. 

Rent prices are subject to change with a 30-day written notice. OLC agrees to accept 
rental money without regard to any other charges owed by the student to OLC. 

Security Deposit

For monthly rentals, the first and last months’ rent are due prior to moving in. The 
deposit of $100.00 may be paid in increments of $25 a month until paid in full. 

For the Nursing dorm, a security deposit of $35 is required. 

The security deposit will be used at the termination of this agreement to cover the cost of:

Repairing damaged on the premises caused by the resident, his or her family or 
guests, and/or

	Any unpaid rent or other charges owed by the resident and/or 

	Cleaning the premises

Any unused portion of the security deposit after deductions will be returned to the head 
of household. The resident must provide a forwarding address for this purpose. 

Rental Agreement

The terms of the rental agreement include, among other things:

   o   The head of household is responsible for the actions of all household members, 
       guests, and visitors. If guests violate these policies, they may be requested to 
       leave by the Dorm Manager or, in serious incidents, others in the dorm may notify 
       the BIA/Tribal Police. A non-compliant guest may be escorted off the premises 
       and may be barred from OLC’s dorm facilities. 
   o   The head of household cannot transfer possession of the unit they are assigned.
   o   The head of household cannot use or permit the use of the unit for any purpose 
       other than as a private dwelling unit solely for the head of household and her/his 
   o   All people residing in the unit must be on the rental application and rental 
       agreement. Changes are subject to Dorm Committee approval. 
   o   Tenants shall not provide accommodations to any temporary lodger, guests, or 
       other person not listed on their application.
   o   Students living in the dorm must attend a monthly meeting with the Dorm 

Fire Safety

No smoking or chewing of tobacco is allowed in Oglala Lakota College student housing. 
Students who violate this rule will be subject to disciplinary action. Smoking is allowed 
only in designated outdoors smoking areas and well away from apartments’ windows and 

Occupants are prohibited from possessing any candle that can support an open flame. 
Students are forbidden from burning incense, tobacco, or any other combustible material 
in a dorm building. 

Each student housing facility must have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. 
Occupants need to know the location of fire extinguishers and how to use them. 

Do not overload electrical outlets. Do not use broken, frayed or cracked electrical cords. 
Do not suspend lamps or lights by their own cords.

Do not store any flammable materials in a dorm building.

Information that a fire has occurred should be reported to the Dorm Manager and to: 
	Pine Ridge Fire Department: 605-867-5768
	Kyle Fire Department: 605-455-2311


The procedures for student housing evacuation are: 

*	Call 911 and Campus Security at 605-441-7692 for assistance.
*	Listen and follow all instructions from emergency personnel.
*	Remain calm and evacuate to the nearest exit immediately. If the exit is blocked, 
        use the secondary exit. 
*	If someone needs assistance leaving the building and you can do so safely, please 
        help them.
*	Assemble on the lawn outside the college centers in Pine Ridge and Kyle, and 
        assemble at the hospital for Nursing Dorm residents.
*	Help account for person(s) in your area at the evacuation assembly point for your 
*	Do not return inside the building until emergency responders and/or law 
        enforcement have said to do so. 
*	Do not evacuate into:
o	Areas filled with smoke
o	Parking lots
o	Areas involved in chemical spills
*	General guidelines for assisting person(s) with disabilities include:
o	To alert visually impaired persons:
?	Announce the type of emergency.
?	Offer your arm for guidance.
?	Tell the person where you are going and warn of obstacles 
        before they occur.
o	To alert persons with hearing limitations:
?	Turn lights on/off to get the person’s attention, or 
?	Indicate directions with gestures, or 
?	Write a note.
o	To evacuate persons using crutches, canes, walkers, or wheelchairs:
?	Do not attempt to carry people during an evacuation.
?	Persons with electrical respirators get priority assistance.
?	Persons on the ground level may need minimal assistance, but 
        lend them your arm and guide them to help them navigate 
        outside of the building.

Drugs and Alcohol 

Having drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol on the premises at OLC student housing is 
cause for immediate eviction and suspension from school. This is a Zero Tolerance policy 
and applies to any person in the dormitory at any time. Because the use of alcoholic 
beverages is prohibited, storage of these items and empty alcohol containers are not 
allowed on OLC property. All suspected drug activity will be reported to the proper 

Move In Procedure

The Dorm Committee will notify tenants of their move in date. Keys to the unit will not 
be released until the deposit is paid. Rent payment begins whether keys are released or 
not. Prorated rent is calculated and billed to the head of household. 

Upon moving in, the head of household must make an appointment with the Dorm 
Manager to inspect the unit. If this step is not completed within two weeks, the unit will 
be considered in perfect condition. The Dorm Manager will inspect the rental unit and 
place a copy of the findings in the tenant’s file. The head of household should be present 
during this inspection. The head of household may request a written statement of the 
findings showing the condition of the dwelling and of the equipment and furniture in it. 
These findings are used when the resident moves out. 

General Occupancy

o	Absolutely no pets are allowed on OLC premises, including visitors’ pets, with the 
        exception of an animal that is used for disability reasons. 
o	Waterbeds are not allowed in the units. 
o	Pianos and organs are not allowed, with the exception of those that have volume 
        control. It is expected that they will be kept at a minimal level. 
o	Plumbing, electrical or gas burning equipment will not be used for any purpose 
        other than that for which it was intended. All liquid fuel appliances are prohibited in 
        the units, and burning of any kind is prohibited. 
o	Low water volume causes the toilets to plug easily. Be aware of the shut off valves 
        on all water sources, and keep a plunger by each toilet. 
o	All broken windows will be repaired at the expense of the resident. The charges will 
        be billed to the head of household and will be specific as to the damages involved, 
        correction action taken, and the cost.
o	No firearms, knives or any device that could cause bodily harm may be stored in the 
        dorm. If a resident is found to be in possession of a weapon, the BIA/Tribal policy 
        will be notified and the Dorm Manager will request that it be confiscated. The 
        resident may be subject to penalty according to law. 


All Communication with the Oglala Lakota College must be in writing. All requests, 
complaints, and grievances must be put in writing in a timely manner in order for the 
Dorm Committee to process them or take action. If something is not in writing, the Dorm 
Committee cannot respond.

Right to Privacy

All occupants of Oglala Lakota College dorms are placed on notice that they do not have 
an expectation of absolute privacy. OLC will make every effort to contact a tenant and 
schedule an appointment to enter their housing. The only time OLC should enter a 
resident’s room without prior notice is when an emergency requires it or all alternatives 
have been exhausted. When entering a resident’s housing, Oglala Lakota college 
personnel are required to knock loudly several times, announce themselves, and wait for 
a response. If there is no response, the OLC official will announce loudly that the master 
key will be used. OLC personnel are required to leave a notice that they have accessed 
the tenant’s housing. 

If a resident is suspected of using drugs and/or alcohol in OLC housing, they will 
automatically subject themselves and their property to a search. Evidence must be turned 
over to the appropriate authorities. If illegal substances are found, the Dorm Manager 
must notify the BIA/Tribal Policy to ensure that the resident’s rights will not be violated.

The head of household agrees that their residence shall be searched by OLC employees 
and local law enforcement in response to any emergency, criminal activity, or security 
concern on college property or at any college-sponsored event. 


Housing units will be subject to monthly and/or occasional inspections for “good and 
clean condition,” sanitary standards, and maintenance purposes.

In the Nursing dorm, inspections will be made weekly by the Dorm Manager or Nursing 
Department Chair. There will be a schedule for the weekly inspections, and an effort will 
be made to adhere to that schedule. Residents may or may not be present at the 

The head of household agrees that the employees of OLC will be permitted to enter their 
unit for the purpose of conducting random inspections throughout the school year. Entry 
for inspections will be made only during business hours, and prior notification is not 

After the inspection, the head of household will receive a written notice of the need to 
take action, in accordance with the results of the inspection. If a tenant does not take the 
needed action and/or consistently fails to pass the inspection, there is the possibility of 
termination of their rental agreement. 


Oglala Lakota College insurance does not cover personal belongings within or outside the 
unit, or vehicles parked in the parking lots. Heads of household may purchase their own 
renter’s and/or auto insurance from an insurance agent. 

Utilities: Phone, Cable and Internet Service

The units are cable and phone ready and can be connected at the expense of the tenant, 
who can contact the agency of their choice. Satellite dishes are not permitted.


Dorm occupants should take care of the keys to their unit to avoid unnecessary lockouts 
and/or key fees.

If an occupant locks him/herself out of their apartment, they should contact the Dorm 

If there are any changes in who should have access to a key, as listed in the application 
and rental agreement, the head of household should notify the Dorm manager. 

Tenants must report lost keys to the Dorm Manager immediately. There is a $50 charge 
to replace a lost key. If the head of household doesn’t find the key by the time they vacate 
the apartment, OLC will charge a re-keying fee of $35 for each exterior door. A tenant 
may have the unit re-keyed when a key is lost or wait until they move out. 

Keys may not be duplicated by anyone other than OLC, as duplicated key damage the 
locking device. The head of household will be responsible for any damage and/or costs 
pertaining to the locks.

At the Nursing dorm, the doors are locked at all times. Each occupant is required to have 
their key at all times. 

At the end of the rental period, keys must be returned to the Dorm Manager within 24 
hours or on the next scheduled business day, or a $5 per day late fee will be assessed. See 
“Move Out Procedures” for more information.

Residents are strongly encouraged to lock their housing space at all times. Oglala Lakota 
College is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of any personal items belonging to the 
occupants. Tampering with locks is illegal, and any person tampering with a lock will be 
subject to OLC rules and all applicable laws.

Laundry Facility

Washers and dryers are not permitted in OLC student housing. A limited laundry facility 
is available on-site. Residents need to sign up on  a schedule with the Dorm Manager. 
The laundry facility is open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. All 
laundry must be completed by 10:00 p.m. The laundry facility is locked each night at this 
time and will not be re-opened until 8:30 a.m. the following morning. 

The care and cleaning of the machines and laundry rooms is the responsibility of the 
residents. Lint and garbage must be cleaned from the washers and dryers. The machines 
should be wiped clean, and all excess laundry boxes, bottles, and other waste should be 
placed in the garbage cans provided. 

Occupants should not leave clothes unattended for long periods of time. If they do, the 
laundry will be removed from the washer or dryer. This keeps other residents from 
waiting to use the machines and reduces the risk of having clothing damaged or stolen. 

Items left in the machine or laundry facility over 24 hours will be bagged and removed. If 
not claimed, they will be disposed of after one week. Oglala Lakota College is not 
responsible for damages to personal belongings. 

To inquire about lost and found items or to report that a machine is not working, inform 
the Dorm Manager. 

Vehicle and Parking Regulations

All parking lots are restricted to tenants only. Vehicles are not allowed on the fire lane, 
lawns, or walkways at anytime. Parking will be monitored by the Dorm Manager. 
Unauthorized vehicles will be moved or towed at the owner’s expense. Guest parking is 
on a short-term basis only. 

Handicap parking is reserved for those with a valid handicap sticker. Anyone parking in a 
handicap parking stall without a valid sticker will be fined $25. Fines may be charged to 
both the student and their guest. 
Vehicles that aare not in running order are not allowed and will be towed at the owner’s 
expense. Mechanical work and vehicle washing are not permitted on the premises. Any 
abandoned vehicle will be towed off the campus after 10 days. Recreational vehicles are 
not allowed on the premises. 

The 5 mile per hour speed limit must be followed. 

Maintenance, Repairs, and Unit Entry

Requests for repairs or maintenance serve as permission from the tenants for the repair 
person to enter the unit. If the repairs or improvements are an emergency, tenants may 
not deny OLC permission to enter the unit. 

OLC reserves the right to enter any unit during reasonable working hours for the 
following reasons: (a) safety, security and health of all occupants, (b) preventive 
maintenance, inspection, and pest control, or (c) improvements or repairs.

Whenever possible, OLC will inform the head of household at least 24 hours before entry 
into the unit. 

Care of the Unit and Surrounding Area

o	Except for normal wear and tear, occupants may not destroy, deface, damage, 
repair, paint, or remove any part of the premises or permit any person to do so.
o	Heads of household are responsible for vandalism occurring to their living space 
or other ares of the dorm. If this occurs, Oglala Lakota College will assess an 
appropriate fee for labor and material for any repairs needed. This amount will be 
billed to the student’s account and must be aid prior to receipt of transcripts or a 
o	The tenant will use reasonable care to keep the unit in a condition to prevent 
health or sanitation problems from arising. 
o	The head of household will notify the Dorm Manager promptly of needed repairs 
and any known unsafe conditions that may lead to injury or damage. 
o	Small tacks or nails may be used for hanging picutes or posters on the walls. Do 
not use adhesives, putty, or screws.
o	Do not put stickers on any surface at student housing.
o	Do not install coat hooks, shelves, hanging plant hooks, or other items on walls, 
ceilings, woodwork, or doors.
o	Gas grills are not allowed inside the unit and should be kept a safe distance from 
the units when in use. 

Walkways and Courtyard Area

For safety reasons, courtyards and walkways must be kept clean at all times. This 

o	Snow will be removed from the parking lot. The resident is responsible for the 
snow/ice removal individual sidewalks.
o	Do not store household items, boxes, or personal belongings such as garbage 
cans, buckets, brooms, mops, building materials, furniture, household decorations, 
or clothes racks on the walkways or sidewalks.
o	People must be able to easily access the unit if there is an emergency.
o	Do not store appliances for furniture of any type.
o	Do not store automotive supplies such as tires, oil, or gas cans.
o	Trash or garbage cans cannot be stored for any amount of time outside your unit. 
This is a No Tolerance policy. Garbage needs to be taken to the dumpsters 
provided. If garbage is left outside a unit and OLC staff has to remove it, the 
resident will be billed for the removal. 
o	The storage or scraping of animal hides is not permitted at the student housing for 
health and safety reasons. This is a No Tolerance policy. If animal hides or other 
organic materials are left outside your unit and OLC staff has to remove it, the 
head of household will be billed for the removal.

The head of household will be given a notice naming the item(s) to be removed and the 
date that the removal needs to be completed. If OLC has to remove any of the above 
named items, there will be a minimum $25 charge assessed to the resident’s account. 
Most items that are collected are taken to the dump. 

Living Standards

o	All persons are expected to respect the property and privacy of others.
o	The head of household must notify the Dorm Manager for approval of temporary 
lodgers not listed on the lease.
o	The Nursing Dorm is co-ed and can only accommodate the person(s) on the lease. 
o	Visitors are not allowed on the premises between 1:00 am and 6:00am Monday 
thru Friday. Any tenant violating this policy will be given one warning. A second 
violation will result with termination of the rental agreement.
o	From 10:00 pm until 7:00 am is considered quiet time. All activity and noise 
should be kept to a minimum.
o	Stereos and televisions should be kept at a minimal volume level.
o	Any threats or physical violence directed toward anyone will not be tolerated. 
Occupants or guests violating these rules will be subject to disciplinary action, 
including possible suspension, termination of dorm privileges, and legal 


Children are subject to all of the policies in this Handbook and Policies. 

Children are prohibited from playing in the parking lot and roadways fro their safety and 
that of others. Children must be supervised at all times.

Toys found on the walkways by housing personnel may be removed and discarded. 
Potentially dangerous toys and sports equipment are prohibited. This policy applies to BB 
guns, gasoline-powered toys, bows and arrows, golf balls and clubs, weapons, and any 
other dangerous items.

Personality issues with children need to be addressed with parent(s). If an issue is deemed 
dangerous, the head of household may exercise the right to call 911 and must then notify 
the Dorm Manager immediately.

Children are not permitted in the laundry room without an adult and should not have 
access to laundry room keys. 


It is the responsibility of the head of household to notify the Dorm Manager of any 
anticipated absence that exceeds 7 days. Failure to notify OLC will constitute 
abandonment, at which time the Dorm Manager may enter the unit to assess 

If it is determined that the head of household has abandoned the unit, OLC may 
inventory, remove, and store all abandoned property for 15 days. OLC will send notice to 
the head of household via mail that it has the resident’s property in possession and that 
the head of household has 15 days to claim the property. If the tenant wishes to recover 
the abandoned property, they may, within 15 days of the property being stored, request 
repossession of the property. After 15 days, the abandoned property becomes the property 
of OLC. OLC is not responsible for any items lost and/or damaged during the storage 
period. The head of household will be assessed a moving and storage fee for the property.

Termination of Agreement

It is the responsibility of the head of household to provide the Dorm Manager a 15-day 
notice prior to vacating the unit with a forwarding address. The notice will serve as 
termination of the housing agreement. Failure to provide a 15-day notice may result in 
charge for a full month’s rent. It is also the responsibility of the head of household to 
contact the Dorm Manager for an extension of the move out date, if necessary.

Termination of the agreement for any reason other than loss of full-time student status 
makes the person(s) involved in the rumination ineligible for future OLC student 

Occupants who have received a notice to vacate must leave the student housing within 48 
hours. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

OLC may terminate the agreement by written notice for:

o	Excessive damage/vandalism to the unit or to OLC property 
o	Failure to pay rent by the sixth of the month
o	Abandonment
o	Failure to maintain full-time student status; as exception may be made under 
        extenuating circumstances
o	Illegal drug use, sale, or distribution
o	Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
o	Alcohol use on the premises 
o	Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
o	Alcohol use on the premises
o	Possession or use of fireworks
o	Presence of firearms of any type on the premises
o	Criminal convictions of any kind that occur while residing in student housing
o	Any violation of these Policies; or
o	Other good cause, as determined by the Dorm Manager.

Move Out Procedure

The head of household agrees to leave the premises in good, clean condition and to return 
all key when he/she vacates. OLC is not responsible for any articles of personal property 
left in the vacated apartment or on the premises.

Keys must be turned in to the OLC Dorm Manager when the unit is vacant. With proper 
notification, prorated rent will be determined upon receipt of keys. Keys can only be 
received and verified during business hours.

To avoid confusion, residents should be sure to contact the local Post Office and submit a 
change of address. OLC is not responsible for mail service or for any mail that is 
improperly delivered.

If an occupant does not move out immediately upon graduation or eviction, they will be 
charged full rent for any additional time that their person belongings are left in a dorm. If 
the prepaid last month’s rent has been used for this purpose and there are additional 
charges, these additional charges will be billed to the student’s account and must be paid 
prior to receipt of transcripts, grades, or a diploma.

Move Our Cleaning

When occupants move out, the unit must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cleaning 
charges. Any damage requiring professional cleaning will be billed to the tenant.

Kitchen: The sink, countertops, cabinets, range hood, exhaust fan, and the area behind the 
range and the refrigerator must be scrubbed. The areas between the oven and cabinet and 
between the refrigerator and cabinet must be cleaned,

Range: The range top, burner rings, drip pans, and the area beneath burners must be 
cleaned. The inside of the oven must be cleaned with an oven cleaner, removing all traces 
of food, including burned encrusted food. 

Refrigerator: All traces of food and odor must be removed. Sharp objects should not be 
used to remove encrusted food or stains.

Bathroom: The tub, toilet, basin, and medicine cabinet must be cleaned inside and out, 
removing all traces of grime and detergent build-up.

Floors: Floors must be swept and mopped, removing all traces of dirt and stains.

Walls: Walls should be wiped with mild soap and warm water, removing all dirt and 
smudges. Holes should not be covered up with spackle. Maintenance will do this with no 
charge to the tenant. 

Windows: Windowsills, blinds, and the inside and outside of windows should be cleaned.

If it costs more than the amount of the security deposit to clean the apartment, any 
additional costs will be billed to the student’s account and must be paid prior to receipt of 
transcripts or a diploma.

Oglala Lakota College Dorm Committee

The OLC Dorm Committee for a district and the Nursing Dorm has five members. These 
are the Center Director, one counselor from the affected Center, the Dorm Manager, one 
local board member, and one student representative. The Dorm Committee meets on an 
as needed basis.

For the date and time of the next meeting of the Dorm Committee or to request placement 
on the agenda, a student may contact the appropriate Center Director or the Nursing 
Department Chair.

Appeal Procedure

The process for selection of dorm residents may not be appealed. For other appeals, the 
head of household will put a request for an appeal in writing and give it to the Dorm 
Manager within three business days of the incident. Appeals that are not in writing will 
not be heard. The resident must be specific as to their appeal, complaint, or grievance and 
include a suggested remedy. 

The request for appeal will be reviewed by the Dorm Manager and then directed to the 
Dorm Committee. The Dorm Committee will set a hearing date. The Dorm Manager will 
notify the head of household in writing of the hearing date within three days of receipt of 
the complaint. 

The Dorm Committee will make decisions on appeals. When a decision has been made, 
the Dorm Manager will inform the resident as soon as possible. The decision of the Dorm 
Committee is final. 

The undersigned understands the above Policies and agrees to abide by the Handbook 
and Policies stated above as part of their Rental Agreement with Oglala Lakota College.

__________________________________________	_____________________
Head of Household / Authorized Guest Signature		Date

Head of Household Name (Print)

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Dorm Manager						Date

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Center Director						Date

Names of occupants other than Head of Household:

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