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                         STUDENT ADVISING (POLICY)

The district staff will advise the student on which classes to register for from the CORE 
courses including General Education and Lakota Studies courses that are offered. It is 
expected that a student will complete the CORE component of the curriculum before 
beginning study in the major. A student who has already decided on a major should 
consult the admission requirements of the department of his/her major.  

The student must satisfy all admission requirements for the major department and, in 
conjunction with the department chair and staff to determine a plan of study. 

PELL will only be applied to those courses that relate to the declared degree and 
students can only work towards one degree at a time. Students may make their first 
change of major at this time without question. Once a student is admitted to a 
baccalaureate program, a second plan of study will be developed with the Department 

Students whose plan of study changes for a second or third time must submit their 
reasons in writing. The reasons for a change in majors must be approved by the 
Registrar and the academic departments involved. At Oglala Lakota College, the 
Financial Aid Student academic progress may be reset – with a change of major up to 3 
times in a student’s academic career as referenced in the student handbook. Academic 
advising can be requested at any time by contacting center staff or the department chair 
to set up an appointment. 

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