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                             STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES


Students at Oglala Lakota College have the right to the highest quality education 
possible and to a fair and just treatment by all departments of this college.  Students 
records and transcripts are confidential.  Students have the right to a timely and accurate 
financial statement and billing.  

Students are to be treated with respect and to be fairly graded.  Students can participate 
in the governance of OLC by active involvement in their local student organization and 
boards, Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye and may visit any College Board meetings.  Students 
have the right to appeal any actions against them through the grievance procedures 
outlined in the policy manual.

Oglala Lakota College is obligated to provide students with the best possible 
environment, instructors, curriculum and resources for your education.  However, the 
responsibility for the quality of learning is that of the students.  It is the student's 
responsibility to be in class, or to make arrangements for obtaining the information if 
he/she must miss a class.  
It is the student's responsibility to go to class prepared, to have the needed materials, to 
have completed required assignments, to be ready to learn.  It is the student's 
responsibility to drop a class if they can no longer continue.  It is the responsibility of the 
student to let the instructor/counselor know when information is not clearly understood or 
extra help is needed.  It is the student's responsibility to study the class material outside 
the classroom; learning is an active process and cannot be obtained by passively 
listening to a lecture.

At OLC, the student has a wide range of rights which are stated and protected by the 
policy manual. Quality learning is only possible when the student accepts his/her 
responsibilities. Learning is the role of the student. The college's role is to assist the 
student in the process of learning.  Together we can build a great future for you and the 
Lakota people.

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