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1.   Definition: A grievance is defined to be a claim (request or complaint) by a student 
not covered under the Personnel Complaints and Grievance procedures.

     1.	  Oglala Lakota College is interested in students’ views regarding College 
          operations. For this reason, avenues are provided to students to enable them to 
          express any concerns, or complaints they may have about this college. A student 
          may express a concern or complaint orally. An informal Student Complaint Form 
          (86 – 200 – 2 Exhibit) should be filled out by the student or the person hearing 
          the complaint so that the concern can be tracked. The student’s name does not 
          appear on the form.

          When there is a written complaint, it will be the responsibility of personnel 
          concerned to find a remedy for the complaint.

     2.	  If the student is not satisfied with the remedy, he/she may choose to move on to 
          the formal process of resolving the complaint/grievance. Timelines are to be 
          adhered to unless the parties involved in the grievance agree to modifications.

 Grievances regarding grades do not fall under this policy but are dealt with in the policy 
76 – 200.

Student Grievance Procedure

Step 1:  Student here after referred to as grievant, will submit a written grievance within 
         ten working days of the incident to the District Director where the student is 
         registered, with proper documentation and stated outcomes.

Step 2:  District Director will attempt to resolve the issue by calling a meeting with the 
         concerned parties.  This meeting will be called within five working days of 
         receiving the written grievance from the student. 

Step 3:  If the issue is not resolved at this level, the grievant will take it to the Local Board 
         at the next scheduled meeting  If the Local Board is not scheduled to meet 
         within ten working days, a special meeting will be called within ten working days 
         to deal with this issue in a timely manner.

Step 4:  If the issue is not resolved at this level within five working days, the grievant will 
         take it to the Vice President for Instruction, Coordinator for Support Services 
         and the permanent sub-committee “Appeals Committee” which consist of 
         members from the Student Services Committee in ten working days.
Step 5:  If the issue is not resolved at this level within five working days the grievant may 
         appeal the decision to the hearing officer who must render a decision on the 
         grievance within 10 days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the hearing 
         officer is final.

1.   Rapid City Extension and Cheyenne River College Center will skip Step #3
2.   In the event the Grievance involves the District Director the Support Services 
     Coordinator will assume the role of the Director in this process.
3.   Student can have representation at their own expense.

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